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Top 10 Nic Salt E-Liquids – Best Salt Nic Juices to Buy

For most of us, the main reason we first picked up a vape was to kick smoking. With the invention of nic salts you can get the same quick hit you’d have experienced with a regular cigarette. One of the biggest upsides of e-liquids over cigs? The massive range of flavours you can choose from.

Nicotine salts are fast becoming the most popular way to achieve that quick nicotine hit when you need it most. The salts are the purest form of nicotine, meaning that they satisfy your cravings within just over 5 seconds – an excellent choice for beating those nicotine cravings.

We’ve got over 700 nic salts to choose from. So how do you choose which flavours or which brands to vape? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of Top 10 Nic Salt E-Liquids featuring fruity, tobacco, dessert, menthol and beverage vape juice flavours to choose from. Read on to see a list of our most popular and best selling nic salt e-liquids.

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