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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Any eliquid suggestions for a heavy pall mall light smoker?

Evening folks.

I have a friend who I’d like to reintroduce to vaping. She smokes pall mall light’s and said she wants something menthol, but I doubt she would like something fruity menthol.. She’s tried vaping but says she’s never been satisfied, probably because Ive seen her smoke two in a row when she was on break at work.

So I figured I would try to find a great menthol tobacco eliquid in at least 24 mg considering Ive been vaping 50 mg at work.. Vaping is prohibited at my work, but I can always find a corner for one puff, and that’s all I need for a while. 50 mg is way to strong to chain vape, but for me perfect for a single puff stealth vape..

Anyway, any suggestions for a great menthol tobacco eliquid for my heavy pall mall light smoker friend?



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