High-end cannabis producer GTEC states good income that is net

Kelowna, British Columbia-based GTEC Holdings reported net income from operations of 282,000 Canadian dollars ($223,600), reversing a net loss of CA$8.3 million in the previous year, according to full-year and fourth-quarter results released Wednesday.

GTEC’s net revenue for the year was CA$7.9 million, a increase that is substantial 2019’s CA$2.4 million.

On A basis that is quarterly GTEC’s adult-use sales grew steadily, ending the year with fourth-quarter CA$1.9 million in sales for the three months ended Nov. 30, 2020.

GTEC’s Positive income that is net in comparison to a lot of large-scale manufacturers in Canada which have reported vast amounts of bucks in losings in modern times because they struggled to conform to an evolving market.

Some smaller manufacturers, in the other side, happen in a position to concentrate their companies and pivot more gracefully.

In 2020, GTEC offered its final staying asset that is retail a strategic review.

“The company does not believe that it can achieve sustainable advantage that is competitive the retail cannabis area, contending against bigger rivals with a stronger existence in this sector,” GTEC noted in a disclosure.

The company’s shares are exchanged in the TSX Venture Exchange beneath the ticker expression GTEC.

8 of the greatest strains for finding music that is new

When it comes to finding new music, there’s no magic weed strain to make the process easier — but there are weed strains that make the process more enjoyable. These strains can hit your mind and body with a creative euphoria, producing a happy, loose, and relaxed feeling that you should smoke along the way.

Apple as you dive into Spotify playlists, surf YouTube, and skim SoundCloud for hours trying to find that next great underground artist or forgotten tune.

If that sounds like your mission, and you’re looking to spend the rest of your day getting high on a quest for new music, here are eight strains Fritter

Most individuals probably think you will need to grab a heavy, sedative indica so that you can stay in your seat all day when it is time and energy to blast some tuneskis, nevertheless when it concerns finding songs, sedative may overwhelm your system a great deal that you brain can’t also consider the duty at hand. Alternatively, we recommend strains like Apple Fritter. It gives an uplifting, feel-good high, that washes away stress, and replaces it with optimism.

Apple Fritter is a cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies with a sweet, apple cake flavor that produces a lot of people feel happy and relaxed. It’s a perfect social strain for talking life with the homies, as well as diving into all of the music that Curren$y has snuck out over the year.Kush that is past Mints

Kush Mints — or the strains crossed in a state of euphoria with it like Animal Face x Kush Mints — is excellent for a heavy high that puts you. That’s why it’s an excellent suggestion for kicking back, smoking some good weed, and finding your next album that is favorite. In reality, I became literally smoking face that is animal Kush Mints when I came across the new Savon album, and boy, lemme tell ya,


is a super vibe.

Kush Mints is a cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. It is known for an herbal, minty, and flavor that is cookies-like and a delightfully powerful high that will leave individuals experiencing calm and delighted.

Gary Payton

You may look at it as hype, but the truth is: Gary Payton smacks, boy. It’s some weed that is delicious together with powerful impacts are ideal for individuals who wish to smoke cigarettes the whole day without getting too sleepy or stupid. Due to that, it is also a strain that is great smoke when scoping new sounds.

Gary Payton is believed to be a cross of The Y and Snowman strains. Its sweet, spicy, earthy, and funky terpene profile make for a damn smoke that is delicious. The balanced high that follows is excellent for anybody that really needs a mood-booster.

Animal Snacks

Animal Cookies was crossed with therefore strains that are many you can probably find anything for any purpose with its genetics. Its stoney and qualities that are relaxing it ideal for chillin’ as you skim the internet for the life’s sound recording.

Animal Cookies arises from moms and dads Fire OG and GSC. It is known to have a cherry cookie taste, indica-leaning, and makes individuals feel happy and relaxed.

Super Skunk

You can never go wrong with some genetics that are skunk. It is an hybrid that is original is known for being the best of both sativa/indica worlds: you get a potent relaxing high that also gives way to a stoney euphoria. Snatch up some Super Skunk and see what your Spotify Discover Weekly playlist has to offer. Super Skunk comes from combining Skunk #1 and Afghani genetics. You can expect a sweet and funky terpene profile followed by a euphoria that is long-lasting. Its most reported impacts are euphoric, relaxed, and aroused.Rainbow Chip

Rainbow Chip is a straight smoke that is up good. You get this wildly unique flavor that’s sweet, but also gassy and a bit fruity when it comes from a high quality grower. While the high? Oooohweee. Rainbow Chip may have you


, therefore much to ensure rather of finding music that is new it might be better suited for just sitting around and listening to it.

Rainbow Chip is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Mint Chocolate Chip. It is known for producing euphoric, focused, and effects that are happy

Cheetah Piss

Cheetah Piss might be my Cookies that is favorite product. It’s excellent, man. One joint and you’ll feel goofy and happy and prepared to stare straight during the sunlight just like you’re invincible. Oahu is the kind of high that produces literally anything fun, sufficient reason for that, you had undoubtedly enjoy smoking it and running right through Rap Caviar to see just what ought to be on your own Party Playlist. that is post-Covid

Cheetah Piss is a rumored Cookies cocktail of Lemonade, Gelato #42, and London Poundcake 97, but only a select few really know the answer. It has a super aroma that is loud essentially has the scent of a sweet, cool armpit, together with flavor profile comes through with a sour, citrus flavor.

Cannalope Haze(*)You might see the title and think Cannalope Haze will be a experience that is light will make you feel energized, but nah. This strain is potent, and honestly smokes like a Skunk strain in terms of providing that euphoria that is overly-stoney many would reserve for the evening. This is exactly why it is an strain that is excellent smoke while running through playlist after playlist on your new music hunt.(*)Cannalope Haze was bred from Original Haze and a landrace strain that is mexican. Whilst the title would recommend, it’s a fruity, tropical, yet natural scent and flavor. Its top effects that are reported talkative, euphoric, and delighted.(*)Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps(*)

Washington state taps brand new seat of cannabis board that is regulatory

Washington state’s marijuana regulatory agency has a new executive.

David Postman was appointed chair of the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) by Gov. Jay Inslee.

Postman, who served as Inslee’s chief of staff from December 2015 until Nov. 15, 2020, starts his term that is six-year on 15, the Associated Press reported.

He replaces Jane Rushford, whose term expired month that is last

The part-time position pays $66,420 a.

Postman year Joins board that is current Ollie Garrett and Russ Hauge.

The LCB holds regular meetings that are public work sessions with stakeholders, makes policy and spending plan choices and adjudicates contested permit applications and enforcement actions against licensees.

Board people additionally hired the agency’s manager, Rick Garza, whom manages operations that are day-to-daycannabisThe agency has licensing, enforcement, tax collection and regulatory roles alcohol that is concerning

, vaping and tobacco. A staff is had by the LCB of approximately 350.(*)

Alaska’s interim cannabis chief gets appointment that is permanent

Glen Klinkhart, who has served as interim director of Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) since 2019, was given the job on a permanent basis.

Klinkhart’s installment as full-time AMCO chief was made Monday that is official by Mike Dunleavy.

The governor appointed Klinkhart as interim manager associated with the agency in 2019.MarijuanaKlinkhart november, that has offered as manager of medication policy for their state wellness division, replaced Erika McConnell, who was simply fired by the

Control Board.

In a statement, the governor stated Klinkhart “shares the administration’s view for the should take away the burden of unneeded laws and that people must be sure sufficient oversight to safeguard the wellness, life, and security of Alaskans, and simultaneously make federal government more responsive, efficient, and company friendly.”(*)

Ca cannabis employees qualified for immediate vaccinations that are COVID-19

Mississippi board sets schedule to begin marijuana that is medical

Regulations for a medical marijuana program in Mississippi will be in place by a July 1 deadline, members of the state Board of Health said Wednesday. But they cautioned that it’s unclear how soon marijuana may be accessible to patients.

Aug. 15 could be the due date for their state to start licenses that are issuing dispensaries and cards for patients.

“I worry that there’s a little bit of a misconception among some in the public about what that means,” board member Jim Perry said during a meeting Wednesday. “They may be expecting that on Aug. 15, that you can walk into a dispensary or treatment center, whatever the nomenclature may be, and say, ‘I got my card this morning. I’m here for my marijuana.’”

Perry said marijuana that is growing for this system could just take months. He stated individuals cannot develop flowers before they have a license, then regulators will have to test the strength that is medicinal of plants.

“It could be months after Aug. 15 before there’s actually product at a treatment center for a cardholder to purchase,” Perry said.
The state health officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, said it could take six to nine weeks for growers to get plants that are viable use within this system. He stated the wellness Department could make an effort to “get somewhat ahead” of this 1 and Aug. 15 deadlines july. [Read more at Magnolia State Live]

Medical cannabis bill passes in Alabama committee that is senate

A proposal to allow medical marijuana in Alabama was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

Senate Bill 46, called the Compassion Act, was proposed by Republican State Sen. Tim Melson of Florence. It passed by a vote of 8-3. The bill will now go to the floor that is senate

The proposition requires establishing an 11-member Alabama health Cannabis Commission to license growers, oversee cultivation, implement regulations and oversee dispensing of medical cannabis to clients whom be eligible for a medical cannabis card.

Melson’s bill won approval by the senate year that is last died when the legislature shut down early due to COVID-19.

This year’s bill is the same, along with amendments added on the Senate floor year.Marijuana“It’s that is last encouraging to see lawmakers progress that is making legalizing medical marijuana in Alabama,” Karen O’Keefe, state policies director for the Marijuana Policy Project, told [Read More @ Alabama.com]

Moment, which is tracking the bill. “It is morally wrong to continue to treat Alabamians who suffer from serious conditions that are medical crooks for making use of a substance that is currently appropriate in 36 states. Nonetheless, we urge lawmakers to revise the conditions for the bill that creates significant obstacles for clients and their doctors.” (*)