Is my plant beginning to hermie?

[ad_1] Hello, four-five days ago leaves began carrying out an upward taco impact only in my veg. I have three wall fans, and a mini split to preserve the space […]

Light tension – hermie, what now?

[ad_1] Hello fellow growers, a month ago I got some support simply because I screwed up my light timer (got an digital 1 in the meantime) – And -surprise- […]

Hermie ??

[ad_1] Hi everybody! Buds from this plant appear weird af. I did have some temp.challenges but other plants appear great.So is attainable pressure and Hermie ? Buds really feel weird […]


[ad_1] Feminized Jack Herer. I feel I have a hermie right here. There is at least one particular other node is like this.Does this appear like a hermie?March 08, 2019 […]


[ad_1] This is a distinct plant, a white widow I got as a freebie. Located it on only a single bud web-site. Is my crop fucked now? Appears like a […]