Wholesale CBD Oil South Africa

We sell Cibdol CBD Oil at wholesale prices all over South Africa. If you have a health store, pet store, online store or if you are a VET and wish to stock our Cibdol CBD oil range please email us or call us. We will provide you with all the details needed to sell our Cibdol CBD oil.

Go to our Contacts page to contact us. Go to see our partner if you need more info go to Cerebral Technologies   or give us a call on 0217611080.

Our latest technology CBD Oil 2.0 has become the premium CBD oil on the market. It is packed full of extra terpenes and full spectrum CBD oil.

Wholesale CBD Oil South Africa from The CBD Oil Company is the best CBD oil on the market. There are so many inferior quality CBD isolates which are the ones you see going for really cheaply on sites. Isolates are okay but not great. There is so much to the hemp plant that you can not separate only one part of it and expect to get all the benefits. Buy from us and get all the Cibdol CBD Oil at wholesale prices when you qualify. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

wholesale CBD South Africa

Bulk CBD Oil, wholesale CBD Oil and retail cbd oil. We deliver all over the country with a speed courier. We are so ahead of the game and plan to stay that way. With our scientists constantly working on improving our CBD oils we manage to produce the highest quality products in the world.

Cibdol CBD Oil 2.0





We use the latest extraction methods to harness the true power of the hemp plant not only that, we combine other hemp plants high in CBG, CBN, CBC and add it to our CBD 2.0 formula. What this does is gives a very potent CBD oil which only Cibdol is known for.

We provide very reasonable pricing to all our wholesale customers to make it worth their while and also giving the end user the best possible pricing for the Rolls Royce of CBD Oils. Not all CBD oils are equal and what you put in your body or your pets bodies needs to be carefully curated. Health is the name of the game.