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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm | AD

Animals, they are always that I gravitate towards during my down days. They bring a sense of calm and an overwhelming sense of happiness. 

Lil’ Wellness Farm uses the idea of animals to help children and teens through their mental health struggles, by using them to assist with their therapy. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that first and foremost, therapy is something which I have put as my number one recommendation. Therapy is what can help you get to the route causes of your mental illness and struggles, to help and rewire your brain. For children, therapy can sometimes be something that seems quite formal and scary and so with the introduction of animals, it provides a much easier and calmer environment. Adults can also benefit from this too! I’m twenty-five now and would happily have this as part of my therapy routine.

The Farm is situated in St. Malo, MB and it offers a range of services and programmes to suit whatever issue you may be dealing with. Recently, the founder of the farm, Lucy has written a book to accompany the wellness treatments that are already offered. It is a book focused for children and teaches them how to handle worry and fear and how to deal with it appropriately. This makes it much less scary than seeing someone sitting in an armchair as they would traditionally experience! I know I would’ve loved it if my cartoon characters would’ve spoken about at the anxieties I was feeling as a young child. The book is titled ‘Cindy and Cristabelle’s Big Scare’. You can grab yourself a copy from the website which I have linked below.

Lucy is also expanding her experiences to create courses that will appear in schools based upon the book, as well as a parent and caregiver course which will help parents to understand how to look after their child if they are struggling. This is hugely important as I find it is often the negativity from parents and guardians that can really stunt the growth of a child when they are struggling. If we find that mental health is becoming something that may become part of a school syllabus, we will find happier and healthier children. 

Lucy has a history routed in psychology and counselling and has used this to help create a professional, fun and working environment that I wish I had access to during my trying times. 

If anything I have written is something that you would be interested in, alongside all of the other events and services the farm offers, head over to their website, here.


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