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Dear Pet Column,

My dog has a time that is really hard left alone at home and becomes destructive in an attempt to escape. It is difficult him and I don’t know what to do.

Sincerely, Anxious Dog Dad

Don’t worry, there is definitely help for both you and your dog for me to leave. Separation anxiety the most canine that is common problems, affecting up to 30% of dogs. There are a range of symptoms for this, including hypervigilance and incessant pacing between windows and doors, barking, whining and a spectrum of destructive behavior (that can be severe enough as to lead to injury).

The risks of anxiety disorders in dogs far exceed annoying barking and shoe chewing as it can also lead to chronic stress that is physiological as decreased resistance, increased infections, digestion disorders, fat gain, heart problems, etc.

Fortunately you can find a bunch of solutions to deal with this dilemma based upon the seriousness of the observable symptoms that always being with workout and power requirements. Strenuous workout before being kept in the home is a antidote that is great. Additionally, enrichment activities such as brain engaging treat dispensers and puzzles can really give your pet a focus that is positive their energy whenever alone.CBDAnother focus is on producing a quiet and relaxed space that is“safe” such as a dog crate or quiet room with the blinds drawn allowing your pet to feel safe and relaxed. Classical music promotes the tranquil environment too (I prefer Bark, I mean Bach). Using scents that are calming as lavender on bedding can also be effective.

With acute cases of separation anxiety some veterinarians prescribe medicine (ideally simply temporarily I suggest first trying more chemical free options such as flower remedy essences like Rescue Remedy or canine specific


Now while you work on exercise and calming routines) but let me ask you, does your moniker of Anxious Dog Dad mean dad of an dog that is anxious anxious dad of your pet dog? The solution to this will be quite crucial. You intend to ensure you aren’t wary about making your pet, which he can detect straight away and foil your other efforts. You’ll want to release your shame and angst about making your pet and feel okay about this which means your dog may do the that is same

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