Valentine’s Cannabis Gift Sets Featuring Kurvana’s Strain Of The Month

cannabisLove is in the air day! Give the gift of Kurvana with these exclusive day that is valentine’s*) present sets which are perfect to share with you together with your nearest and dearest. Forget old-fashioned plants this vacation and get plants which are more than simply decorative with certainly one of Kurvana’s expertly curated Valentine’s Day sets offering the selection of the ASCND that is incredible High – February’s Kurvana Strain of The Month – their pleasing Botanicals line – Sensual 1:1:5 and Balance 1:1:1 – or their most popular hemp CBD versions of Botanicals tinctures – Balance 1:1 and Sensual 5:1.

These pretty boxes have been discounted to show some love to your wallet as well, making it the opportunity that is perfect replenish on all! Result in the present yours by the addition of in your preferred Kurvana items, yourself up for some delicious nights of self care.

This whether you’re highlighting the best strains for date night or setting Valentine’s Day, here is what our favorite flower has given us:ASCND High Fashion 0.5 mL cartridge + Pearl White buttonless battery


ASCND’s High Fashion prompts socialization and boosts appetite, making it the strain that is perfect share with that unique individual regarding the day’s love (or simply allow you to get through a later date of endless Zoom calls). With only one hit you’ll feel its fast results, causing you to be euphoric, uplifted plus in simply the spirit that is right a day of love.

This elegant and sativa that is delicious its bright and relaxed faculties by crossing Cherry Pie, understood for the bright, high-terpene profile, aided by the unmatched sweetness of Pink Champagne. Not into V-Day for love? High Fashion can be your stress for the too, as it reduces both pain


stress month. Give yourself a love that is little recovery with Kurvana’s February choose!

High FashionBerry | Sweet | Tart

Sweet and effervescent with notes of red berry, delivering a relaxed yet euphoric mind modification.Strain Impacts:

Evokes a euphoria that is relaxing Uplifts mood / Energizes the mind / Boosts appetite / Reduces pain & stresscannabisSensual 1:1:5 + Balance 1:1:1 Valentine’s Day Botanicals Gift Set

$70Kurvana’s Botanical Tinctures are a collection of 100% full-spectrum and all-natural -infused botanical oils Uniquely curated with bioactive ingredients to optimize overall well-being, you’ll find NO artificial flavoring, coloring, alcohol, or fillers in these pretty bottles. Each tincture contains a ratio that is curated of cannabinoids with liposomal nanotechnology supplying as much as 80per cent more bioavailability than many other lesser-known natural oils. Kurvana loves all, meaning these tinctures are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free,


Keto friendly. They supply every one of overall wellness to their ingredients in mind.

Sensual 1:1:5

Spice up this curated tincture to your date night! Built to

intensify feeling while increasing libido, merely enhance your preferred beverage or confection meals for a relaxing yet experience that is sensual. Passionflower | Ashwagandha | Saffron

A stimulating tincture for intimate moments, designed to generate feelings of passion, warmth, and excitement to enhance sensuality.

Strain Effects:

Boost libido / Aims to calm the mind / Relieve stress / Relax the body / Reduce cortisol levels / Strengthen adrenal glands / Enhance mood

Balance 1:1:1

Suited for everyday use to help maximize mind body wellness that is overall. C8 (caprylic acid) | C10 (capric acid)

This health tincture provides day-to-day stability to your body-mind by combining key cannabinoids with natural components.CBDStrain Impacts:

Balancing body and mind / socializing / everyday wellnessCBDBotanicals Hemp hemp Sensual 5:1 + Balance 1:1 Valentine’s Day Tincture present Set $70hempKurvana’s Botanical CBD Tinctures are an accumulation of natural,

-infused liposomes that synergistically promote and enhance wellness that is everyday. Each tincture promotes specific benefits that are therapeutic just the best pure ingredients including full-spectrum cannabis oil. Composed of key plant that is bioactive known to restore, regenerate, and repair, these CBD oils are made specifically with your well-being in mind.

Can’t make it to the store, or prefer your


form? This gift set is your perfect match.CBDSensual 5:1

Passionflower | Ashwagandha | Saffron An obvious choice for Kurvana’s

Strain of the Month, Sensual 5:1 enhances your sensuality by generating feelings of passion and warmth, all while stimulating your libido and amplifying sensations.

CBDGood For:

Nighttime / intimate moments / daily careCBDBalance 1:1 (Cannabidiol) | CBG (Cannabigerol) | C8 (caprylic acid) | C10 (capric acid) CBDA more neutral

, Balance 1:1 is Kurvana’s

Strain of the Month due to it’s versatile and nature that is helpful. cannabisGood For:

Balancing body-mind / socializing / everyday wellness

Deals are sweet this thirty days, which explains why Valentine’s Day prices is really sublime. Purchase yours for exclusive pricing on Kurvana Valentine’s Day gift sets that come packaged in the prettiest red today. Find out for yourself why these Kurvana products are the strains of the Month and purchase while the deals for these Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Sets are still hot february. Costs are therefore low that availability is restricted, so act fast! Find your retailer that is favorite on*)Weedmaps or purchase it locally

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