Marijuana Dispensaries Hope Money Rules Modification Under New Congress

Dispensaries around the state have actually started to offer leisure marijuana after the passage of Proposal 207. However many sales still need to be performed with money.

Due to the fact that marijuana stays prohibited under federal law, banks and charge card business controlled by the federal government will not work with dispensaries.

Mason Cavern of the Arizona Cannabis Chamber of Commerce stated that might alter under the brand-new Congress. And since 60% of citizens authorized Prop. 207, he states Arizona’s senators may back a procedure to permits banks to do company with dispensaries.

” It’s constantly been counter instinctive to me that we’re legislating marijuana and yet we still need to have the market usage money. It simply sort of makes no sense,” Cavern stated.

The Arizona Department of Health Providers reports that 104 adult-use licenses have actually been released because Prop. 207 passed.


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