Maryland Cannabis Legalization Virtual Interview

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Del. Jazz Lewis and a broad union, consisting of DFCR representative Dr. Ralph Salvagno, and other supporters, require the passage of HB 32 by means of a virtual interview.

Speakers Include:

Del. Jazz Lewis (D-24, Prince George’s County), sponsor HB 32.

Alfrieda Hylton, mom of 2 boys who experienced the injury of cannabis arrests in Maryland.– Starts 8:57

Steven Hawkins, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Job.– Starts 10:34

Hope Wiseman, C.E.O of Mary and Main dispensary in N. Capitol Heights, MD.– Starts 14:26

Dr. Ralph Salvagno, orthopaedic cosmetic surgeon, mayor of the town of Hancock, MD.– Starts 17:57

Baltimore Cops Det. Debbie Ramsey, Ret., member of Police Action Collaboration’s speakers bureau.– Starts 21:03

Ben Jealous, co-chair for Progressive Maryland’s Marijuana legalization effort, previous nationwide president of the NAACP, and 2018 Democratic prospect for guv.– Starts 25:47

Joel Madden, co-chair for Progressive Maryland’s Marijuana legalization effort, lead singer for the American pop punk band Great Charlotte, business owner, and benefactor.– Starts 28:28

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