Marijuana sales information expose Americans purchased 71% more weed to endure 2020 


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In a year restricted and specified by the coronavirus pandemic, Americans relied on cannabis in record numbers.

Americans invested more than $18 billion on cannabis in 2020. That’s 71% more than in 2015.

State tax and income information gotten and examined by Leafly expose that across the country sales of medical and adult-use marijuana increased by 71% over 2019.

Americans acquired $18.3 billion in cannabis items over the previous fiscal year, $7.6 billion more than the $10.7 billion in sales the previous year.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 37 states, while 15 states and Washington, DC, have actually legislated cannabis for all grownups.

The pandemic impact

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the United States in March, lots of in the cannabis market stressed over a huge industry-wide shutdown. Rather, guvs in the majority of states stated cannabis an important item. Dispensaries and stores reacted by using online buying, curbside pickup, and shipment as Covid-safe choices for their clients.

Consumers, in turn, reacted by stockpiling for those weeks of stay-at-home advisories. After a quick dip in late-March income, the majority of shops saw a substantial bump in April– and after that the bump ended up being a plateau.

Even in Massachusetts, where Gov. Charlie Baker’s statewide shutdown order momentarily stopped all retail operations in April, cannabis shops published a 75% yearly sales gain over 2019. Merchants there will offer approximately $700 million in cannabis items by the end of 2020, compared to $400 million in 2019.


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Online buying and curbside pickup conserved the market

A Terrapin Care Station employee in Colorado conducts curbside pickup March 26, 2020. (Courtesy Terrapin Care Station)
A Terrapin Care Station worker in Colorado carries out curbside pickup March 26, 2020. These were the early days of the pandemic, when public health authorities understood less about the infection and recommended the general public to leave masks for health care employees just. (Courtesy Terrapin Care Station)

Consumers purchased 33% more

Brand-new customers and clients, and freshly legal states, contributed in 2020’s cannabis boom. However the primary chauffeur was a boost in the typical purchase size of recognized customers, who increased their typical month-to-month invests by 33%.

Cannabis information experts at Headset and CannaCraft just recently examined the demographics of month-to-month cannabis sales in California. The chart they developed completely caught the pandemic-led purchasing pattern in both California and the country:

The pandemic sales bump in April 2020 ended up being a plateau, as Americans leaned on cannabis as a psychological health and health item. (Graphic thanks to Headset and CannaCraft)

Handling pandemic tension

This year’s sales figures will come as not a surprise to sellers, who have actually heard direct about the significance of cannabis in the lives of their clients, particularly given that the pandemic hit in March.

In October, multi-state dispensary operator Verilife surveyed more than 2,000 Americans and discovered that 72% of participants called the Covid-19 pandemic as the leading reason for tension and burnout in their lives this year. Almost 40% stated they have actually utilized cannabis to manage that burnout. Around 37% stated they have actually utilized CBD, and a more 29% stated they have actually thought about utilizing marijuana to decrease their tension level this year.

In a study of 2,000 Americans, 72% called COVID-19 as the leading reason for psychological tension and burnout in 2020. (Information and graphic thanks to Verilife)

9 states more than doubled sales

9 state more than doubled their 2019 sales overalls in 2020: Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Florida became the country’s fourth-largest cannabis market in 2020. With more than $1.2 billion in sales, the medical marijuana state tracked just leading adult-use states California, Colorado, and Washington.


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Florida and New York City: A tale of 2 states

This year’s sales information likewise expose the significance of state guidelines when it concerns client gain access to and market success.

Florida and New york city have approximately similar populations– around 20 million individuals– however their medical marijuana markets have actually progressed in drastically various instructions.

New york city has actually accredited just 38 dispensaries, a comically low number for a state with 20 million individuals. Florida, by contrast, has 300 dispensaries running to serve a comparable population. New york city has actually never ever permitted cannabis flower to be offered, while flower now comprises approximately half of all medical marijuana sales in Florida.

The outcome: Florida has 4 times as lots of authorized clients as New york city and has actually tape-recorded more than 10 times the sales income in 2020.


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Cannabis sales information: Not constantly simple

Leafly came to its 2020 sales figure of $17.9 billion by examining state-by-state sales figures.

Some states, like Massachusetts, post clear and precise month-to-month income information on public sites. Lots of others keep dirty records or post indirect sales metrics, such as pounds of cannabis flower offered. In those cases, Leafly experts reverse-engineer state cannabis tax income information and talk to regional dispensary supervisors to come to an affordable quote of flower rates and market portions.

For late-December sales figures, we approximated the last weeks of sales by presuming approximately the previous 3 months of income figures.

Leafly will release a complete accounting of 2020’s state-by-state sales figures as part of our yearly Cannabis Jobs Report in February.

Editor’s note

This short article was upgraded on Feb. 1, 2021, to show modified and last 2020 sales figures from different states.

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