How will this all work when it’s legal for leisure usage?

I ask forgiveness as I make certain this has actually been asked prior to however I’m having a tough time discovering accurate details in the middle of the oceans of viewpoint on the web.

When cannabis ends up being legal for leisure usage nationally and statewide, how will this blend into other laws? For instance, state I work a union task which is a drug complimentary office would I be fired for having it in my system although it’s legal? I do not indicate go to work high however get drug evaluated after smoking cigarettes on a weekend or something to that nature.

My papa is handicapped, he remains in huge quantities of discomfort at all times due to a mishap that occurred over twenty years earlier and he wish to go to a natural technique of medication for discomfort and assistance sleeping. He totally supports legalization of Cannibis however he will not get a medical card if it suggests he can’t hide bring a gun. So after its legislated would he have the ability to get a card, however likewise have signed up guns?

We reside in Pennsylvania, I’m unsure if that matters or not.

Thank you beforehand, and once again I ask forgiveness if this is a frequently asked concern.

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