February 2 2021: Mexico’s New Medicinal Cannabis Law– What It Is and Isn’t|ICC with Lorena Beltran of CannabiSalud

Lorena Beltran, CEO of CannabiSalud, has actually invested most of the last 5 years relentlessly working to broaden the chances readily available to cannabis experts in Mexico with the guarantee of federal legalization in the future. After numerous stops and begins, the brand-new period has actually shown up.

In addition to growing the world popular CannabiSalud medical cannabis conference, she has actually been inside the halls of the legal procedure working to inform and notify lawmakers on the chances the plant supplies both clients and experts. Eavesdrop to hear what the brand-new law consists of, what it does not, and the most likely course forward for the next 18 to 24 months. This episode was tape-recorded on 1/15/2021.

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