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The World is still well and genuinely turned upside down today, what with the Corona Infection and the insane goings-on all over the location. We provided up 8 masks to you men plus some seeds prior to completion of 2020 and we have 2 staying so we believed we ‘d put them back out to you men to win. We will just be publishing this one on our social networks pages (however please enter upon the blog site) so you may have a much better possibility this time around!

The Vault CBD Package

More About Phoenix Seeds

Cannabis Seeds The journey of Phoenix Cannabis Seeds started in 2010, when a group of similar canna-seurs made it their objective to bring high quality pressures to the masses at extremely competitive rates. To this end, the group relentlessly connected around the world, searching for partners far and wide who might assist them market, bundle and disperse the absolute best pressures offered. For many years, the group at Phoenix Seeds has actually grown its variety to cover a thorough range of feminised and vehicle blooming ranges with premium landrace and hybrid genes at their core, all developed to cover whatever any critical cannabis enthusiast may want. They are now an increasing force in the UK reproducing scene and we make sure that the shadow of the Phoenix will fall throughout the world as collectors all over awaken to the possibility of including premium seeds to their libraries without needing to pay the earth!

About The Seeds:

CBD Emergency


This stress is typically called the “ideal hybrid”, and for excellent factor. This stress is incredibly simple to grow and produces wonderful yields.

CBD Vital guarantees to produce wonderful buds, even for those who do not have a wealth of growing experience. This stress is indica dominant and is perfect for medical users.

The result is unwinding and heavy that makes it terrific for resting on the sofa and for combating muscle discomfort, sleeping disorders and migraines. The fragrance is woody, not unlike tobacco, however with a tip of hash.

CBD Emergency is a feminised stress and will just become female plants. Feminised seeds are terrific for growers who do not intend on reproducing their own crops.

For these growers the male plants are not just an annoyance however can really be a risk to the female plants throughout the blooming duration. This suggests they need to be eliminated, which is a substantial discomfort and a huge wild-goose chase and cash.

Feminised seeds likewise tend to produce greater quality plants than routine seeds. Some breeders likewise choose to utilize feminised seeds, although feminised breeding is extremely hard.

These plants are likewise photo-period and will need a light cycle in order to flower.

What’s Up for Grabs

Reward 1 Facemask With x5 CBD Emergency Feminised + Vault T t-shirt and goodies

Reward 2 Facemask With x5 CBD Emergency Feminised + Vault T t-shirt and goodies

Reward 3 x5 CBD Emergency Feminised + Vault T t-shirt and goodies

Reward 4 x5 CBD Emergency Feminised + Vault T t-shirt and goodies

How To Win

Merely compose ‘CBD‘ in the remarks of THE BLOG SITE to go into!

The competitors begins today and will close and be revealed on Tuesday 16th February!

If you can’t hold back any longer, utilize code ‘ Phoenix15‘ to declare 15% off all Phoenix Seeds.

Legal Disclaimer: The competitors winners will have their rewards sent out to them through tape-recorded shipment. If you win the competitors however do not get your reward, we can not resend competitors rewards, so you’ll need to raise this with your regional shipment service (In the UK, for instance, this would be Royal Mail).

Keep In Mind: It is prohibited to sprout cannabis seeds in numerous nations and some remote, less informed worlds outside the core systems. It is our task to notify you of this truth and to advise you to comply with all of your regional laws to the letter. The Vault just ever offers or sends seeds for memento, collection or novelty functions.

* One entry per individual

** Reward need to be declared within 28 days

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