Secret Lime Pie Stress Evaluation

Up close of a key lime pie strain.Up close of a key lime pie strain.

Secret Lime Pie Stress

Often, cannabis stress are so transcendent that numerous breeders attempt to make their mark with their own phenotype, as you’ll see in this Secret Lime Pie pressure evaluation. While this cannabis phenotype isn’t a pressure itself, it has actually been credited to 2 different breeders in California. Who genuinely created it initially is still up in the air.

In the meantime, we’ll concentrate on the positives discovered with Secret Lime Pie hashish and see if it’s the ideal suitable for you!

Secret Lime GSC Stress Genes

Secret Lime Pie pressure is a particular phenotype of Lady Scout Cookies or GSC. That is why Secret Lime Pie is likewise described as GSC. Considering that it’s not a particular cannabis pressure, it is uncommon and needs to take on other phenotypes of GSC, like Thin Mints and Platinum GSC.

As the majority of us even from another location thinking about cannabis understand, GSC is among the most popular stress for medical and leisure users and has actually generated an entire brand-new generation of child-strains too.

However, breeders aren’t just interested in developing brand-new child-strains to make something much better. In some cases, breeders wish to boost the present cannabis stress and draw out the very best qualities possible.

That is why phenotypes like Secret Lime Pie pertain to fulfillment. Secret Lime GSC is really credited to 2 various breeders: Burning Bush Nurseries and Purple Caper Seeds. Both of these lie in California.

Secret Lime Pie Stress Breeders

The Burning Bush Nurseries range is a clone-only phenotype of GSC.

Purple Caper Seeds utilized a clone of GSC from Santa Cruz, CA, and reproduced it back with a GSC F2 male to develop Secret Lime Pie seeds.

Getting your hands on seeds or a clone of Secret Lime GSC can be an obstacle considering that the phenotype isn’t commonly accepted throughout California. California is currently house to numerous GSC phenotypes, so it’s tough to develop another.

Cookie Fam has actually tossed their name in the hat to move Secret Lime Pie too, and they presently offer Secret Lime GSC flower.

Ocean Grown Seeds has actually taken the Cookie Fam Secret Lime Pie genes and cross it with its own Alien Rift pressure to develop the child-strain referred to as Jawa Pie that is understood to couch-lock its cigarette smokers.

Purple Caper Seeds likewise utilized Secret Lime Pie to develop a child-strain called Secret Lime Zkittlez, which is clearly a cross with Zkittlez and Secret Lime GSC.

This phenotype might or might not end up being a family name on the planet of cannabis, however a few of these special child-strains might deserve a shot if you can get your hands on them!

Secret Lime Pie Stress Yield

This pressure produces like a common indica, growing more laterally than vertically. It reacts finest to early topping to motivate more lateral development and the pruning of bigger fan leaves that block excessive air flow and sunshine.

This phenotype of GSC hashish produces small-to-medium nugs that are as thick as can be. When collected and treated, it can be tough to even break approximately smoke. Keep that mill useful.

This pressure will not produce extreme harvests, however indoor growers can anticipate to navigate 10-12 ounces per plant. Outside growers exposing their plants to the very best conditions can anticipate 12+ ounces per plant.

Secret Lime Pie Stress Blooming Time

Like the majority of GSC phenotypes, Secret Lime Pie weed has a blooming time of around 63-70 days. If growers can send their plants to lower than typical temperature levels throughout the earliest phases of blooming, they anticipate to draw out the purple shades typically discovered in Secret Lime Pie.

The buds will not be substantial, however they will include deep green shades that might link with purples and a healthy finishing of sticky trichomes.

THC Portion

This phenotype of GSC need to balance around the exact same THC level as GSC in basic. It’ll hover around 18-22% THC. Nevertheless, Burning Bush Nurseries has actually checked their Secret Lime GSC and discovered levels approximately 25% THC.

The high most users experience with Secret Lime Pie is physical relaxation while providing a psychological increase of imagination and focus. Nevertheless, the high levels of THC can turn that focus into a dreamy fog with excessive physical relaxation that relies on couch-lock.

The luring essence of Secret Lime Pie and the sensational visuals will make novices fast to smoke some and possibly exaggerate it. It’s finest to take it slow with this pressure, as the high hits rapidly and you’ll understand whether you need to smoke more within a number of minutes.

Secret Lime Pie Stress Taste & & Fragrance

Secret Lime Pie is understood for a candy-like essence similar to lime, together with tips of spicy mint. The smokey breathe out might taste a bit more earthy and chocolate, as the majority of GSC does.

Secret Lime Pie is wealthiest in the terpenes Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene.

Caryophyllene supplies a spicy essence and assists combat swelling in customers.

Limonene is accountable for the citrus notes of Secret Lime Pie and is understood to help in reducing the impacts of stress and anxiety and tension.

Humulene has a more natural fragrance and is likewise understood to eliminate the impacts of swelling.

Plainly, the terpene profile sets this marijuana pressure up for dealing with psychological and physical conditions!

Medical Conditions Secret Lime Pie Stress Can Assist

Medical users would succeed by grabbing Secret Lime Pie when experiencing these conditions:

  • Stress And Anxiety
  • Persistent Tension
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Persistent Swelling
  • Aches & & Discomforts
  • PTSD
  • State Of Mind Conditions
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines

Medical users who look for these impacts however can’t find Secret Lime GSC can grab other phenotypes of Lady Scout Cookies in the effort to get the exact same medical advantages.

Last Words On The Secret Lime Pie Stress

Phenotypes of developed cannabis stress do not constantly make a splash on the cannabis scene fresh, interesting marijuana stress.

Nevertheless, breeders who intend to get the most out of the genes in front of them are worthy of the spotlight, since phenotypes often outperform numerous popular stress that individuals yearn for!

Here are CTU, we desire our readers to be notified on the very best stress and the very best phenotypes of each pressure, so you’ll read more about both quickly sufficient!

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