Pressure Spotlight– CBD Automobile Feminised

The Vault Cannabis Seed Store CBD Auto Feminised

Name: CBD Automobile Feminised

Breeder: Phoenix Seeds

THC Level: 8%

CBD Level: 8%

Impacts: Soothing, Unwinding, Relaxing

Yield: High

Flavour: Skunk, Spice, Citrus

CBD Automobile Feminised is a splendid pressure that is particularly developed for medical users. The ratio of CBD to THC is 1:1 in this pressure, which implies the psychological results are not as effective as they typically would be. This, in turn, enables medical users to lower their signs without losing the entire day. It is likewise a fantastic pressure for anybody who similar to a chill bit struck that they can utilize to make it through a demanding day.


CBD heavy cannabis pressures were developed mainly for medical usage. Prior to the increase of CBD pressures the objective of cannabis was to get the greatest THC levels and the very best bag appeal possible. Nevertheless, after it was understood that cannabis had actually been utilized medicinally throughout history and had outstanding painkilling capabilities the video game altered rather. Medical users were getting a bargain of assistance from cannabis, however might just utilize it at night or at other times where motion and focus were not needed. Breeders started to develop CBD heavy pressures, and after that came the 1:1 ratio pressures like CBD Automobile Feminised.


Due to the high CBD to THC ratio the results of this pressure are calming, comfy, and relaxing without dulling the senses. The result is practical suggesting it can be utilized as a day time pressure by anybody who is experiencing stress and anxiety, queasiness, swelling, tension, discomfort, PTSD and numerous other conditions. It can likewise be utilized by sleeping disorders patients, despite the fact that it isn’t an especially soporific pressure. For some who have problem with sleep, the relaxation and convenience go a long method towards assisting them wander off. It likewise unwinds the muscles which implies it can assist anybody who has problem with convulsions.

Blooming and Yield

CBD Automobile Feminised will typically flower in as low as 8 weeks. This is because of the reality that it is autoflowering, not just making it much faster however likewise much easier to grow. Because autoflowering pressures flower rapidly growers can frequently handle 2 crops in one growing season. The yields tend to be high, which is perfect for any growers however specifically for those who wish to grow their year’s medication in one sitting.


The flavour is a main element of what makes this pressure so completely pleasurable. It is a mix of sweet berries, citrus, Skunk and simply a little spice. Providing it a scent that is simply as relaxing and reassuring as the result of the pressure itself. It is a pressure for those who truly wish to take pleasure in some relaxation and remediation after a long day or who simply require a break from their signs.

Keep In Mind: It’s unlawful to sprout cannabis seeds in numerous nations. It is our responsibility to notify you of this crucial reality and to prompt you to follow all of your regional laws. The Vault just ever offers or sends seeds for keepsake, collection or novelty functions. All of our material is offered instructional functions just.

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