Puffco takes dabbing to the next level with the Peak Pro

Puffco takes dabbing to the next level with the Peak Pro|Leafly


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Dabbing might appear complex and might not be user-friendly for novice customers, however e-rigs make the entire procedure simple. Puffco’s very first offering, The Peak, set the requirement for e-rigs, making dabbing easy and practical, while likewise integrating functions that impress even the most passionate cannabis lovers.

Puffco continues to forge ahead of development with their Peak Pro.

Unpacking the Peak Pro

puffco peak pro
( Courtesy Puffco)

Even when unpacking the Peak Pro, you can value its design by the case and the gadget itself. The case isn’t simply a brick of foam to keep your rig safe, it’s practical and trendy. There are even magnets on the exterior that snap together to keep whatever level and steady when opened.

Inside the case, the Peak Pro and all devices– carbohydrate cap, dab tools, battery charger, cotton bud, and so on– have actually devoted areas. You have whatever you require to get going; simply include water.

Functions and devices

The genius behind the Peak Pro remains in its atomizer, which has actually been updated from the previous design. Embedded in each ceramic atomizer is a sensing unit that checks out temperature level in genuine time and can compensate on the fly to preserve consistency when dabbing.

The atomizer is likewise a lot larger than the initial Peak’s, implying you can pack more focuses and there is likewise more area for heat to be uniformly dispersed, so no scorched dabs.

puffco peak pro
( Courtesy Puffco)

The glass piece on the Peak Pro has actually likewise been upgraded. It’s taller and thinner than the previous Peak’s, permitting more water and less backsplash. And, for the glass collectors out there, major glassblowers are producing custom-made pieces particularly for the Peak Pro. Type and function can work together.

The power dock is another excellent enhancement. It can be plugged into an outlet and function as a cordless charging station for your Peak Pro, and it can likewise hold a charge and function as a battery for the gadget or a phone, an entirely cordless experience. You will not need to fret about tripping over a charging cable television.

Temperature level control with the app

Among the excellent brand-new additions to the Peak Pro is the capability to manage its temperature level setting with a mobile phone app. The app is simple to utilize, makes the experience easier, and is offered for both iOS and Android.

Whereas the initial Puffco Peak lets you cycle through 4 heat settings, the Pro offers you total control over temperature level, permitting you to call in to a precise degree. The app likewise lets you manage the color of the Pro’s lights, an enjoyable addition. It can pulse, wave, turn through a series of colors, or enter into stealth mode for discretion.

The app is excellent, however the Peak Pro is likewise created to work without it. When you get your favored heat settings conserved, you can quickly browse through them with the button on the front of the gadget. No requirement to be connected to the phone, something you might not wish to tinker when in the middle of a session.

In other words, the Peak Pro is a significant accomplishment in the dabbing world. The $400 cost might appear a little high– compared to $250 for the initial Peak– however you can feel just how much effort and time entered into its conception, and it provides in every element.

The Puffco Peak Pro is created to be a part of your everyday regular and not take it over. Its stylish style and performance will look great on your kitchen area table and mix in with the rest of your life.

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