Fantastic Grow V1 LED Last Grow Evaluation With Platinum Gorilla

10 out of 10 stars

Brilliant grow led Platinum Gorilla

After ending up a complete veg and grow from seed it is time to do a complete evaluation of the Fantastic grow v1 110 watt grow light and lets simply state for 110 watts at the wall I was extremely delighted with the result. As you can see from the image above the Platinum gorilla from Inhouse genes was extremely delighted under the 110 watt light. Continue reading listed below to see how the light preformed throughout the phases of development.

Buying, shipping and customer care

To see more on the unboxing of this light, purchasing procedure, setup, and business customer care please have a look at our very first evaluation we done months ago with our very first preliminary ideas when we got the light situated here

Seedling Phase with fantastic v1 110w
Brilliant Grow Light

Among the advantages of the Fantastic grow v1 1110w light is it includes a dimmer that permits you to dim the light right to 10% to enable all phases of plant development. I began 2 seeds under this light and with in two days they were grabbing the moon. After seeing the 3rd node I began to increase the light strength on the plants. After just 2 week in the cups I was prepared to leading and transplant into a larger container with the plants growing good and quick and healthy. I had no problems with the seedling phase and the plants actually appeared to like the light. I would offer the light a 10/10 for the seedling phase.

Veg Phase with fantastic grow v1 110w
Brilliant grow light review

Throughout the veg phase the plants began to actually remove and I needed to move among them to another camping tent and just wound up growing 1 plant under the light however considered that plant great deals of space to grow and extend. I veg ‘d the plant for 6.5 weeks, topping 3 times and training into a Scrog web prior to snapping into flower. The plants recuperated effectively under the light when utilizing the HST or high tension training approach and I had no problems maximizing the grow area with this light. Once again for the veg phase I would rank the light a 10/10 as the plants grew effectively and healthy under the light.

Blooming Phase fantastic Grow v1 110w
Brilliant grow led Platinum Gorilla

Blooming phase was fantastic, as you can inform by the image above dried this was 137 grams of good bud and about 30 grams of little buds so near to 170 grams off of 1 plant utilizing a 110 watt light. With that stated I was extremely delighted and I envision any grower would be with them results. I like the truth the light has a slim profile so I had the ability to maximize my camping tent and grow by utilizing the whole grow area. The light dosage not emit much heat so I did not require to stress over an air conditioner or cooling my camping tent general I was extremely delighted with the method the light preformed and offer it a 10/10

Last Ideas On The Fantastic Grow Light

Last ideas are for the rate of the light and the wattage at the wall I was really shocked on the yield I got. I would certainly advise the light to growers aiming to keep energy charges low or to anybody in the market for a brand-new grow light. I anticipate seeing what I can do with it on the next grow.

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