CBD/ PCR oil for pets

My pets are getting OLD, beginning the see the results of years of Mtn Cycling & & long tracks operate on their bodies. Tuff time taking a seat/ getting up, random hopping, moving from sofa to bed to sofa after 2 minutes, and so on

Been checking out CBD/ PCR oil to see if it could assists them at all, any pet dog folks here ever offer your K9s the CBD? or any other natural products you’ve utilized for comparable problems?

I have actually got a little “store” natural/ holistic animal store down the roadway i’m going to go speak with about it, simply trying to find any extra real life information. From my research study up until now it will not be low-cost, based upon dose & & item $$$ I’ll be investing more on the doggy CBD monthly than I invest in my own THC …

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