The Story Behind New Spanish-Language Cannabis Website, El Planteo

Latin America continues to grow their legal cannabis area and now has actually committed media. El Planteo is a Spanish-language media outlet committed to providing news on cannabis, hemp, CBD, psychedelics, culture and more. It released in collaboration with Benzinga, a U.S. digital publication covering a range of monetary markets consisting of marijuana.

El Planteo was established by Benzinga editor Javier Hasse, who acts as CEO of the business. The concept concerned him when he discovered an opening for monetary and cultural material associated to emerging markets and progressive subjects in the Spanish-speaking world. He likewise observed there was a strong cannabis existence and culture with couple of media outlets covering the subject.

Hasse had actually been working as a cannabis author for publications consisting of Playboy He acts as Benzinga‘s Handling Director and composed a very popular book called Start Your Own Cannabis Company: Your Step-By-Step Guide to the Marijuana Market, which, for weeks, ranked top in different classifications on Amazon.

The Story Behind New Spanish-Language Cannabis Site, El Planteo
Javiere Hasse

In discussing releasing the business, Hasse discusses, “We create the standard principle and headed out to discover capital to perform. We recognized that the marketplace was not all set and might protect financial investments. We required cash to run and the only method to get it was to display our item, which paradoxically, we could not establish without a little injection of capital”

To dedicate the required time to this brand-new organization, he believed he may resign from his main gig, Benzinga However after discussing it with executives, they revealed the business meant to release their own Spanish-speaking vertical. The 2 celebrations reached a win-win contract: They began a Spanish site and, in parallel, anchored El Planteo

Because releasing in early 2020, El Planteo has actually shown to be incredibly effective, with strong traffic and a robust quantity of material, both initial and equated from a long list of worldwide media partners.

The Story Behind New Spanish-Language Cannabis Site, El Planteo

” We wish to support green causes and generate income at the same time without hesitating of it. In basic, when individuals in Latin America have additional money, they purchase property. The concept of the stock exchange has actually not yet settled in. We are just now altering our views on the matter however are still extremely hesitant. From El Planteo we wish to impart these concepts and set these principles favorably,” Hasse shared.

Cannabis is no longer simply for stoners, and the media requires to capture up on that. That is why El Planteo has actually been so well gotten: Individuals wish to speak about cannabis, they wish to check out it and they wish to discover– without purchasing into cliché images”, includes Natalia Kesselman, COO, managing editor and co-founder of El Planteo “We are revealing an entire brand-new world for a great deal of individuals”. Likewise on the group is monetary press reporter José Rodrigo Safidye.

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