Farmers Armour Launches New Farm & Trim Apron

Cannabis farming can be grunt work. In between the planting, watering, harvesting, drying and cutting the resinous buds, there are a lot of possibilities to get both sticky and nasty. Luckily, one business is on an objective to secure farmers and their groups from the special difficulties connected with this kind of crop.

Farmers Armour provides a range of items implied to protect growers from both the aspects and the plants themselves. With a line of protective farming clothing consisting of sleeves, wide-brimmed hats and N99 masks, this Santa Cruz-based service runs the range when it pertains to serving their fellow gardening lovers.

“After handling farming-related problems every day, we recognized there were no items in the market that worked for us– so we established our own,” stated Kaz Kosciolek, co-owner of Farmers Armour.

Keeping their principles front and center, Farmers Armour just recently revealed a brand-new addition to their brochure that any gardening fan will certainly enjoy: the Farm & & Trim Apron. Part protect, part superhero device, this practical apron makes sure to be the brand name’s next hit.

From the Greenhouse to the Treatment Space

Made from light-weight, anti-stick product, the Farm & & Trim Apron avoids biomass like leaves and sticks from connecting to clothes, in addition to the resin from the cannabis itself. Kief from flower frequently discovers itself where you ‘d least anticipate it, however this additional layer keeps it at bay.

Useful, double-lined canvas pockets can hold Fiskers shears without the danger of tearing, while extra pockets keep other tools, gloves and pens right where you require them. The Farm & & Trim Apron folds quickly to function as an energy belt and utilizes a quick-release clip system to protect in location– no connecting needed. This time-saving aspect is simply another example of the mindful style factor to consider provided by the growers who crafted them.

” Our core focus is to make items that work for the farmer, and we are delighted to continue to grow and innovate,” Kosciolek beamed.

Farm & Trim Apron by Farmers Armour

Created for House Gardeners, Woodworkers and Crafters of All Kinds

The group at Farmers Armour might have deep roots in cannabis, however their line of items extends far past their own market. After discovering success with their initial line of product, the group at Farmers Armour established the Farm & & Trim Apron in an effort to broaden their market to all garden enthusiasts– not simply those operating in the cannabis and hemp markets.

The brand-new apron is an exceptional device for gardening and enthusiasts of all persuasions, whether manicuring a rosebush, pruning the hedges, or painting a fence. Clothing, skin and tools alike stay hygienic and within reach, making any task that a lot easier.

” We created the apron with the cannabis trimmer and grower in mind, however as we began to make it, we recognized that this was something that can work for anyone– we even have individuals who like to use it when barbecuing,” Kosciolek stated.

Dedication to Growers of All Kinds

Regardless of the enjoyment surrounding the brand-new Farm & & Trim Apron, the group at Farmers Armour isn’t done there. They’re assuring a lot more item launches in the coming months, all implied to make gardening a simpler and more effective job. The business is dedicated to keeping their slogan (” by the farmer, for the farmer”) in a perpetual mission to both secure and influence.

” Seeing the cannabis market develop has actually been fantastic, and we are honored to be a part of that development,” Kosciolek stated. “However most importantly, we wish to assist the farmers that are truly driving this area forward.”


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