Cannabis Broker Spotlight: Koelewyn of Pacific AG Embraced Cannabis Insurance from the Start

Editor’s note: This part of a series of profiles on cannabis brokers, in which Insurance Journal explores why and how these folks got into the business, the ups and downs of insuring cannabis, as well as a few tips for those interested in a little professional development.

Jordan Koelewyn, a producer/account executive for Pacific AG Insurance Agency Inc. in Hanford, Calif., knows only the insurance and cannabis space. But that’s plenty for him.

Koelewyn has only been in insurance for four years, all of that time focused on cannabis and hemp insurance.

Koelewyn spoke with Insurance Journal about his experience as a cannabis broker.

Jordan Koelewyn

Insurance Journal: Why did you get in the cannabis and insurance space?

Koelewyn: I got into the cannabis insurance space because we were one of the few agencies that had access to the correct programs.

I had an existing client that opened one of the first cannabis dispensaries in the area and has grown into having multiple…

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