Kradle CBD Can Keep Your Pooch Happy

Calming combo of CBD and innovative ingredients is designed to ease stressful events in a dog’s everyday life.

Coolhouse Botanics, a pioneering new company based in Minneapolis, now offers a product that will help keep “man’s best friend” in a healthy and happy mood. Coolhouse says that Kradle calming CBD is the first CBD brand focused exclusively on stress reduction for dogs.

Kradle utilizes only broad-spectrum CBD (with no detectible THC) with innovative “special sauce” ingredients that set it apart. Kradle products were designed by experts with a dog’s anatomy in mind and work to seamlessly calm dogs safely and quickly from the inside out. The products achieve their calming effects by uniquely combining broad-spectrum CBD with the Kradle brand’s patent-pending BotaniTek formula that infuses additional natural ingredients – GABA, Shoden Ashwagandha and L-Theanine – known to benefit dogs and have a calming effect.

Plus, while other CBD solutions for dogs offer a single delivery method, Kradle solutions delivers three options to meet varying needs – chews, toppers and melts – featuring chicken and beef liver natural flavorings dogs love. The products are available today at 430-plus Pet Supplies Plus stores in 31 states, as well as online at and at

“Everybody on the Kradle team shares a love and passion for pets and our products are purpose-built to help pet parents do everything they can to keep dogs safe, calm and happy,” said Matt Scarlett, co-founder and chief executive officer at Coolhouse Botanics. “At Kradle we say, ‘Lose the stress. Love your pet,’ because we believe our dogs can lead happy and stress-free lives with safe, effective and natural CBD solutions that calm them from the inside out.”

Dogs can feel anxious from a range of stress triggers like fireworks, thunderstorms, vet or grooming visits, travel (car and airline), separation, new dog adoption, a new baby in the family and large gatherings, among others. In fact, nearly one in five dogs feel stress and anxiousness when pet parents or family members just leave the house.

Because dogs can’t communicate verbally, they may act out in different ways such as hiding, marking, drooling, barking, pacing, chewing and shaking, among other reactions. Many pet parents seek out comfort solutions that range from toys and blankets to music and tight-fitting swaddling apparel, as well as dog whisperers and other dog behavioral experts.

Like all mammals, dogs have an endocannabinoid system that regulates their immune system and pain tolerance, as well as influences their mood and emotional reactions. Stress triggers can cause moments when dogs can’t regulate these emotions and need a little help. CBD has been proven to be therapeutic and provide real benefits for managing and mitigating stress.

Kradle utilizes only broad-spectrum CBD (with no detectable THC) with its patent pending Botanitek “special sauce” that set its calming CBD solutions apart. With the evolving CBD products space, especially for pets, the Kradle brand aims to be a thought leader and is uniquely positioned to deliver consumer education so that pet parents can feel confident helping their dogs live stress free with safe and effective solutions that truly work.

Learn more details at the Kradle Chief Quality & Regulatory Officer Lee Mayberry’s launch blog post. Mayberry has a rich career history in the supplement sector.

Dogs love the taste of Kradle products because it is made with natural flavorings like chicken and beef liver, along with broad spectrum CBD from hemp that is American-grown according to the highest standards. Each delivery option is offered with exacting potencies by dog weight: small, medium and large.



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