Let me introduce myself to the Forum. I am in have to have of people with comparable attitudes to mine to convey my concepts, queries and issues.


My user name is Lowiss and you all can address me by
that. I attain out to Ted’s forum as I am disillusioned with the internet society sorts that frequent other on line forums. As well numerous trolls seeking to steal the show. They constantly choose on the ones who have the most views. Blah blah blah. Heard it all ahead of? I have so numerous concepts and inquiries. I want the feedback from these with comparable opinions and generational values. I hope I dont uncover Bullies on this web site. Much more on point I hope the Bullies dont uncover me. I did not join this forum to have my writing expertise critiqued, edited, spell checked, corrected or attacked. I want to converse, correspond and communicate thoughts. If I am in the incorrect location inform me now.



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