r134a hemp and cannabis extraction suggestions and comments – Extraction


This is what i created with r143a extraction immediately after winterization approach. I haven’t use pure five machine but one more gear that use r134 with a recovery vessel beneath vacum (you can set temperature, vacuum, time) to eliminate all the residual solvent in a single step approach.
The items sounds great, the only challenges are the yelds, if you do not decarb beginning material you have low yelds and improved taste, if you decarb beginning material have a great yields significantly less terpenes content material. It is like CO2 subcritical extraction
In any case low waxes inside the extracts.
If you want a improved yelds without the need of decarboxilation you want hig stress, but you but so you drop comfort of obtaining less expensive gear (what I made use of was up to 10 bars)
There are some machine that can perform in continuos mode and closed loop program, so you can continuosly add fresh solvent in the very same time you execute the extraction and recovery.
R134a solvent could be with pharmaceutical grade certification or not. Take into consideration that it is made use of in propellant formulation as Sativex.


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