Angela Merkel’s celebration mulls legalizing cannabis in Germany : worldnews


Merkel’s celebration, the CDU, does really deparately will need young voters. They are losing votes in big margins. Almost 9% minus in the final federal elections in 2017 (although nevertheless the most seats in parliement), and more than six% minus in the election to European parliament this year. They get a lot of heat simply because of their also conservative climate policy, on-line copyright policy, auto market protectionism and so on. This spring a german youtuber chewed them out in a video that got millions of views inside days and got picked up by just about every big German news outlet and sparked a massive public discussion.

I know Merkel is really well known all about the planet, but the truth is she and her celebration are really conservative. She is the head of the government simply because of coalitions with other people parties. She personally polled really sturdy in the final years, but we never vote persons in Germany for chancellor, but parties for the parliament and extra than 50% or even 60% of Germans never vote for her celebration. (just in case you may be from a nation unfamilar with an electoral program with proportional represantation).


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