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so heres my story…

I’m 27 years old generally been quite healthier.

I quit about ~two-two.5weeks ago

Present smoke for six months just about every day two-three massive bowls all through the day, out of a medium sized bong. I could remain higher all day simply because the weed i got was extremely robust 27% properly to me it is.

Simply because I got a upper respiratory infection Ihad a sore throat runny nose tired phlem even a ear infection so i had antibiotics for a week amoxicillin. at 1 point i had like yellow/ orange mucus when i blew my nose in shower and for the subsequent handful of day i had that it kinda freaked me out.

So I began to really feel superior but noticed in the car or truck my hands and feet have been acquiring so sweaty as i form my hands and feet are so sweaty all the time consistently and that has been taking place for a week.

Aslo I cough in the morning and theres nevertheless some phlegm i saw small bit of blood but just streaks then it went away.

Also I have been loosing weight the previous two weeks lost like ~10lbs yesterday i was at 164lb and right now at 162lb. and really feel that im gonna continue losing weight simply because im sweating from hand feet all day it comes and goes perhaps its anxiousness??

Edit- also noticed back of throat tiny lump slightly smaller sized then a dime does not hurt but it has like three small spots on it if that tends to make sence. Idk if thats from anxiousness/depression simply because I have a tendency to get ulcers and I at present have a couple ideal now to.

I’m just worried thats its a poor Virus or Illness simply because this has under no circumstances take place to me..

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