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Few products in the hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) scene are creating as much interest as CBD cigarettes right now. These products are proving an efficient and convenient way for people to get their CBD dosage, and enjoy the fast-acting effects that come from smoking. 

In this article, we’ll explain why CBD ciggies are growing in popularity, and the differences between certain products in this market. We’ll also discuss why CBD flower cigarettes are an awesome alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and explore the general effects of these products.

Why are CBD hemp cigarettes so popular? 

People have smoked for thousands of years, and continue to do so, even though smoking has known health risks. That suggests there is something unique and desirable about the smoking experience. We see this especially with the hemp and cannabis industries. CBD can be vaporized, eaten, taken in an oil, and even used as a cream – but still, some people prefer smoking! 

Taking CBD flower cigarettes involves inhaling the smoke, and waiting for the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and produce an effect. The process of CBD becoming active is much faster from smoking than when consuming edibles or taking tincture oils sublingually. The upshot is more instant relief from symptoms, a critical perk when managing many ailments, including pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. 

Are CBD cigarettes legal?

What’s more, unlike cannabis joints and cigarettes, CBD cigarettes in the USA are non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive. By law, manufacturers must keep overall THC content below 0.3 percent. It’s simply impossible to get ‘high’ from a product that has such a high quantity of CBD, but such a low amount of THC.

Many popular CBD smokes are odorless, and therefore offer stealth and discretion. If regular joints have one downside, it’s the really pungent aroma. By smell and appearance, CBD hemp joints look no different from marijuana joints. Brands like Plain Jane remove the aroma-giving terpenes from their hemp during processing to achieve the odorless effect.

The no-smell feature is much-loved by CBD smokers who want to be lowkey about their use. Smoking isn’t a problem per se, but the strong weed-like aroma makes it very difficult for some people to use standard hemp joints. This applies especially in states where marijuana isn’t legal, among those who are worried about the impression their neighbors or family members may get. 

More convenient than vaping 

Smoking CBD is also more convenient than vaping it. Vapers always have to ensure their batteries have enough charge, and that the device isn’t going to leak. Choosing an e-liquid that the vaporizer can handle also brings about potential issues. 

With smoking, it’s just a case of having a CBD cigarette pack to hand and a working lighter. It goes without saying, but the cigarette will never fail to light or need recharging! Smoking may carry a few more health issues than vaping, but as we’ll explain later, these are far fewer with CBD hemp cigarettes than normal cigarettes.

Getting to know CBD cigarettes effects 

CBD has a long list of potential health benefits, although very few have been fully confirmed. But the widespread availability of CBD products in recent years – along with some important research – is showing us just what the compound is good for. We’ll stick to four qualities of CBD in this section.

Inflammation: CBD appears effective at reducing and regulating inflammation levels, albeit in a different way to existing treatments. Scientists have unearthed close links between the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the immune system. CBD’s balancing, therapeutic effect may help combat autoimmune diseases, while also providing relief from osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions. 

Pain: New pain-killers are essential after the awful effects of the opioid crisis. Medical marijuana is a longstanding, natural solution, and now people are embracing its non-psychoactive cousin, too. Chronic pain outranks all other reasons for using CBD products, and the quick onset of effects from smoking CBD cigarettes legally is perfect, and offers peace of mind, too. 

Stress: Soothing stress is one of the main motives for smoking tobacco cigarettes. But tobacco’s addictive traits can ultimately end up becoming a cause of stress! Smoking CBD-rich hemp cigarettes instead still delivers the authentic smoking experience that many find relaxing, and research indicates CBD also plays a chemical role in reducing stress. 

Anxiety: Make anxiety a thing of the past by smoking CBD. Experts have studied this area for close to a decade, and have released interesting findings. Not only does CBD correct chemical imbalances to tackle anxiety, these effects have actually shown to be useful in real situations. Check out this Italian study on social anxiety, which compared CBD to a placebo in a public speaking experiment. 

Taking CBD to quit smoking cigarettes

At first, the concept of smoking cigarettes to quit cigarettes is a bizarre one! But there is a very important difference between tobacco and hemp. The former is loaded with nicotine, the substance that changes the brain and causes a chemical addiction. 

In contrast, CBD, the main compound in hemp, does not have addictive properties. A study has even found that CBD consumption has an anti-addictive effect, that may reduce dependency on drugs, including nicotine. The placebo-controlled research revealed that smokers who used a CBD inhaler when they had the urge to smoke cut down on their overall cigarette intake by 40% more than the group without CBD

In reality, CBD cigarette effects could help tobacco smokers to wean themselves off nicotine, and with it a harmful tobacco smoking addiction. Start by swapping a tobacco cigarette for a hemp cigarette! This will quickly cut down nicotine and tobacco cigarette consumption. 

CBD cigarettes review 

New and existing companies are looking to get in on this market. We’ve picked out the best CBD cigarettes for sale, and reviewed each of them. 

CBD Pre-Rolled Cigarettes by Plain Jane 

CBD Cigarettes By Plain Jane CBDThe key to a successful hemp cigarette is not overcomplicating it! And Plain Jane sure have kept things plain. These pre-rolled cigarettes are really affordable, and look just the same as any cigarettes, complete with the tight, manufactured roll and filter. We really like that Plain Jane have gone the extra mile to ensure their product looks just like normal cigarettes, and not weed – right down to the design of the carton and the cigarette itself. 

The organic, odorless hemp is rolled with cigarette rice paper, and each smoke has 0.9 grams of hemp a hefty 72mg serving of CBD. These potent smokes are well-suited to calming anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks, easing stress throughout the day, and also relieving pain. 

Plain Jane CBD cigarette packs contain 10 smokes, which adds up to 720mg of CBD per carton. In addition to the ‘Original’ odorless product, Plain Jane also have a tasty, ‘Full Flavor’ range. However, this flavor does come with the weed aroma many CBD smokers are trying to get away from! 

3 reasons to buy

  • Organic and natural 
  • Odorless and discreet 
  • Packed with a substantial 72mg dose 

Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes

Get a premium, hemp-smoking experience with Hemptrance. This brand cashes in on the entire hemp plant. Their products contain cannabinoids – not just CBD, but cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC), too. CBG, CBN and CBC are all non-psychoactive and complement the CBD nicely with extra beneficial effects. 

Terpenes and flavonoids are also present in these organic and flavorful full-spectrum cigs. Hemptrance smokes are vegan-friendly, and are free from pesticides, heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals. 

The lovely, herbal taste is perfect for cannabis smokers who want an authentic, non-psychoactive option. These cigarettes also burn slowly, making them economical, as users are able to inhale greater quantities of CBD

Hemptrance cigarettes are great for getting CBD’s effects, and are also a good choice if trying to quit tobacco. They also sell CBD-infused menthol cigarettes. It’s just a shame Hemptrance doesn’t specify how much CBD is in each cigarette. 

3 reasons to buy

  • Full-spectrum, with cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids 
  • Authentic and flavorful experience 
  • Slow and steady burn 

Wellmart CBD Premium CBD Cigarettes

Wellmart claim their cigarettes are higher quality than those of their rivals. They only use quality CBD flower, rather than the shake or trimmings from hemp, which some companies are notorious for doing. These cigarettes look just like normal cigarettes with the same tightly-packed machine roll and filter. 

This is a good product for anyone trying to quit normal cigs, and for those seeking a classic hemp-smoking experience. If there’s one negative, it’s that everything about Wellmart’s cigarettes is premium, including the price. 

3 reasons to buy

  • Infused with high-quality hemp flower 
  • Tightly-packed for a smooth and pleasant smoke 
  • Great for getting all of CBD’s benefits 

CBD Joint and Kief-Infused Pre-Roll 

The CBD joint from CBD Genesis is a touch different from other cigarettes we’ve featured here. These have the look of a traditional, cone-shaped joint, and are pre-rolled with RAW papers. Cone joints hold more flower than regular cigarettes, and therefore more CBD, too. 

These kief-infused pre-rolls are lab-tested, and available in five wonderful flavors. We have the Organic Gold Roll for traditionalists, fruity Grape, Strawberry and Strawberry Lemonade joints, and also a refreshing Coconut offering. 

Adding kief to the CBD flower really ramps up the CBD content, providing a much more potent dose than normal CBD joints. This product does have terpenes, so will have a cannabis-like smell, but it’s a fantastic joint for people wanting fast and strong CBD relief. 

3 reasons to buy

  • Contains organic, lab-certified CBD flower
  • Available in five gorgeous flavors
  • Mixed with kief for added potency

Are CBD-rich cigarettes here to stay?

For many years, the conventional wisdom was that smoking was on its last legs. The science that smoking is bad for health has been shown time and time again, and healthier alternatives like e-cigarettes and vaping promised to get rid of smoking for good. 

But the reality is much different! Nobody anticipated the arrival of high-CBD cigs, which are decidedly not as dangerous as tobacco smokes, simply because there’s no nicotine. With hemp and cannabis, smoking will always be popular as it’s considered social, authentic and, for many, the best way to get the effects. 

Moreover, a lot of people are concerned about low-quality e-liquids and vaping products, and their potential dangers. Buying legit, lab-tested vape juices is completely safe, but for skeptics who smoke but haven’t yet vaped, it may be enough to put them off.

In a nutshell, the market for CBD smokables is there, and the arrival of odorless products – like Plain Janes – shows that hemp smoking doesn’t have to be smelly! Furthermore, smoking CBD is better for stress and mood than smoking tobacco. The stimulating effects of low CBD doses are always just as helpful as those from nicotine, just without the addiction! The future for CBD ciggies looks bright! 

Buy CBD cigarettes online

All CBD cigarettes for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net are federally legal, and shipped discreetly in smell-proof packaging. We understand that people might not want others to know that they are smoking hemp, and when buying from us, there’s no chance they will! 

Final thoughts 

This guide has looked at the multiple reasons people have for buying CBD cigarettes! They include anxiety, pain, and stress, and some are even using CBD to quit smoking cigarettes! Hopefully our CBD cigarettes review has given you a better idea of just what products are out there, and highlighted what to look for when you buy. 

Smoking won’t be for everybody – but the same can be said about any type of CBD product. However, for those who are familiar with smoking, CBD cigs are an appealing way of getting the benefits of this compound, and all of hemp’s other therapeutic qualities. Rapid relief is not just an advantage for many CBD users, but an absolute necessity. And efficiency and convenience really are two excellent qualities of these products. As more people learn about these special cigarettes, we can expect them to become even more popular! 

Keen to try CBD ciggies, or are you already smoking them? Share a comment below, and let others know about your experiences!


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