Cannabis Theft Becoming an Problem – but it is the Incorrect Sort of Cannabis



One particular universally notorious consequence of legalization is that huge develop operations a ripe for the selecting by thieves. Offered the size of some of these fields, maintaining each and every location protected is a logistical nightmare. Consequently, it is not tough for thieves to sneak in and take plants – as is the case with one particular story reported by ABC News.

Nevertheless, ever considering the fact that hemp was legalized in the U.S., it successfully became an involuntary decoy for individuals attempting to steal marijuana from neighborhood growers.

It is fair to say that petty thieves are not precisely a pillar of intelligence, specifically when it comes to botany (or any science, for that matter). However, one particular Indiana grower is just a single instance of an rising and regarding trend.


Mistaken Identity


To these familiar with cannabis, the physical variations in between hemp and marijuana are blatantly apparent. However, criminals are not conscious of this essential distinction and reputable organizations spend the price tag for that ignorance, as is the case with one particular Indiana grower:


“People are stealing hemp plants from a neighborhood legal expanding hemp business right after mistaking the plants for marijuana. US Hemp Co. launched in 2019 and the organization began harvesting in Indiana’s very first legal hemp crop in 80 years. Will Weaver, one particular of the founders at US Hemp Co., chased down two suspects in Elkhart County on October 17 right after watching the suspects get rid of the hemp plants from one particular of the business’s fields.”


Weaver says this is a chronic situation that understandably “…makes you really feel violated.” He says that each and every time he catches individuals attempting to steal his plants, they often say they believed they had been stealing marijuana.

However for Weaver and these like him, this challenge is gaining momentum. According to ABC News:


“Between the prospects, US Hemp Co. harvests for and themselves, there had been 11 days straight and roughly more than 20 individuals place in jail more than hemp thefts through the previous couple of weeks, according to Weaver.”


“None of it is Marijuana


Weaver tends to make it clear that there is absolutely nothing in his field worth stealing:


“In reality, none of it is marijuana. All of it is under .three THC level…so you could smoke the entire field, you will never ever get higher.”


Moreover, stealing hemp is a lesson in futility. Even if thieves get away with a tiny haul of hemp plants, there is no way for them to make revenue.

In contrast to marijuana, there is no black market place for hemp. Weaver also explains that promoting the hemp by means of reputable channels (the only genuine choice) would demand a certificate of evaluation and a license – neither of which hemp thieves are most likely to have.


Nevertheless Does Harm


While the joke is successfully on the thieves who get caught and charged, it is no laughing matter for Weaver and his counterparts in the business. He explains:


“There’s no worth to [hemp]. It appears a small distinct, it smells distinct and there’s no worth to them. They’re just taking revenue out of our pocket…that’s all they’re undertaking.”


Weaver frankly explains that this develop operation is his livelihood. These pointless thefts influence his bottom line and – in turn – his livelihood.


WeedAdvisor’s Concern for Unintended Consequences


Legalization of cannabis has been effective, but with it came some unintended consequences. In the previous, we have pointed out thefts and armed robberies at Canadian facilities. It seems that legalization has the identical impact in the U.S.

However, small can be accomplished other than to boost safety. Nevertheless, modest growers do not have the sources to employ safety employees or solutions.

While we would like to see this trend reverse – and it may well extremely effectively do so – getting a controlled substance so effortlessly inside attain is merely also tempting and, a lot more importantly, also simple, for some unscrupulous individuals to not steal.


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