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Cannabis Regulation Watch – Municipality / City Updates 10/22/19



Discover about current modifications to municipalities that are updating their cannabis regulations.

In this edition we have updates across California for a new social equity plan and new company permits across the state. Verify out Project Tellis to see funding offered by grants.

Dive ideal in and take a appear at the current modifications in municipalities we are tracking.


All Municipality / City Regulation Updates

  • September 24, 2019 Updates: Oxnard, Santa Rosa, Thousand Oaks, Sacramento, Colton, Novato, Sonoma County, Fairfax, Davis, Humboldt
  • October 1, 2019: Illinois Adult-Use Cannabis License Application Specifics & FAQs
  • October two, 2019 Updates: Humboldt County, Extended Beach, Sonoma County, Washington State
  • October 14, 2019 Updates: Culver City, City of Berkley, El Dorado, Humboldt, Washington State, Fort Bragg, Sonoma County, Morro Bay


October 22, 2019 – Municipality / City Cannabis Regulation Updates

 City of Fairfax Update

  • Adopted a resolution approving industrial cannabis company permit procedures and reaffirming scoring criteria.
  • The industrial cannabis application period will commence November 1, 2019 and close on January six, 2020.


Humboldt County Update

  • Project Trellis set to supply a lot more than $1.five million straight to nearby cannabis sector.
    • These involved in the nearby cannabis sector will have two possibilities to get funding via the county’s Project Trellis to support their corporations and combat the impact of the war on drugs. In total, a lot more than $1.five million will be offered to fund cannabis projects.
    • Micro-Grants and Loans. 1st, the Humboldt County Cannabis Micro-Grant & Loan Advisory Committee (CMGLAC) aka the Project Trellis Committee will be accepting applications for micro-company grants starting Monday, Oct. 14. The deadline to apply is Dec. 16. The total funding for this cycle is $180,000 which will be divided amongst chosen project proposals. The maximum award for people is $10,000 and $50,000 for associations and co-operatives.
    • Neighborhood Equity System. The second chance for funding is for the Neighborhood Equity System (LEP) which is aimed at assisting people who had been negatively or disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis. The Humboldt County Administrative Workplace – Financial Improvement Division received word on Wednesday that it was awarded a grant for $1,338,683.13 from the State of California for this plan. Interested parties might make contact with the County of Humboldt Executive Director Scott Adair, at 707-445-7745 or [email protected] Discover a lot more about cannabis social equity applications right here.

View Humboldt County Genuine Estate Offered

Mendota Update

  • Second hearing and proposal for permitting industrial retail in C-three District


La Mesa Update

  • La Mesa has authorized adult-use retail cannabis. It will be in accordance with Measure U and will authorize cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and lab testing


Culver City Update

  • Capped retail dispensaries at three


Oxnard Update

  • City will commence to use a social equity plan. Extra details will stick to
  • On October 22 the city will go over the possibility of obtaining a retail cannabis ordinance


Ventura City Update

  • City has authorized an ordinance to let delivery in the city of San Buenaventura
  • November 1 will commence adopting a schedule of costs relating to cannabis delivery permits


Marysville Update

  • Authorized ordinance to waive ban on cannabis industrial activity. Ordinance will be study and passed on 11-five-19


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