Mile Higher Labs Opens New Mega CBD Production Facility


BROOMFIELD, Colo. – A new all-in-one particular CBD production facility has just opened its doors.

Mile Higher Labs’ 400,000 square foot facility could make it one particular of the most significant organizations in the CBD market. Its new facility, situated in Broomfield, Colorado, consists of gear and infrastructure for investigation and improvement, good quality assurance, bottling, packing, warehousing, labeling, shipping, and compliance monitoring.

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The space also is getting viewed by lots of, which includes Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D), as a key job creator for the region.

“We’re specifically interested in building jobs in expanding sectors,” Polis told the crowd at a tour of Mile High’s facility. “We have the most knowledgeable and talented hemp workforce in the nation.”

Around 250 staff are presently operating at the facility. A wide variety of white label CBD merchandise can be manufactured at the facility and bought by other brands. 

Mile Higher Labs might be opening its new facility at the ideal time. Making certain constant dosing, good quality manage, and lab testing might assist ease customer fears as reports circulate about untested and risky CBD merchandise, some of which even include synthetic cannabis

Prior to Mile Higher Labs took more than the BrImage: urfin / Shutterstock.comoomfield home, the facility was dormant for months. Now, it is anticipated to steadily ramp up operations and at some point develop into its vast 400,000 square footage. Some workers from the preceding enterprise occupying the space are now operating for Mile Higher. 

“It’s truly fascinating to see this location commence to come back to life,” Stephen Mueller, Mile High’s chief executive officer and founder mentioned. “I’m excited just about the scale and ambition of this location, and the way it alterations how men and women believe about the CBD market and how men and women believe about the enterprise.”

Mile Higher Labs also has plans to open a big facility in Southern California. Till then, Colorado will serve as the company’s most important hub, which ought to please Colorado residents, who have been early to embrace legalized CBD and cannabis

“You couldn’t come across a much better location to do it for the reason that as Coloradans, we’re truly proud of our status as getting the ideal state in the nation for hemp cultivation and processing,” mentioned Gov. Polis. “We have state agencies that realize the market and its demands and have extra knowledge than in other states.”


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