Hydrology 9 – The Most Fashionable Vaporizer on the Industry


The Hydrology 9 is a transportable dry herb vaporizer with a signature water-filtration program that gives a bong-like vaping practical experience.

Manufactured by Cloudious 9, the 1st water filtration integrated vaporizer is really an eye-catcher.

With absolutely nothing equivalent on the market place, Cloudious 9 says its solution style group began with a blank slate, resulting in a burst of creativity and the vape’s genuinely impeccable style.

They claim Hydrology 9 is the “result of numerous revisions and optimization of user practical experience.”

The vaporizer’s crazy LED light show is just a bonus.

What’s in the Hydrology 9 box?

When you obtain the Hydrology 9 vaporizer, count on to obtain the following  things tucked

neatly in the box:

  • AC adapter
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Cleaning kit
  • Added mouthpiece silicon ring
  • The vaporizer itself

Hydrology 9 tech specs:

Supplying the bong practical experience is the completely-integrated water filtration program, which Cloudious 9 says was a severe challenge to produce. The organization applied a “tunnel tube” liquid filtration style for a patent.

Aside from the water program, which gives each cool vapor and is leak-proof, Hydrology 9 comes with a ceramic chamber that utilizes conduction heating.

Maintaining in thoughts the eye-popping style and the hassle they went via with the water filtration, this unique facet of the Hydrology 9 is sort of underwhelming.

The simple heating element does what it is supposed to, but nevertheless, it leaves you with the feeling that the suppliers have been a lot more concerned about style than substance.

There are 5 temperature settings, arranged according to many colors:

  • Blue light (Low) – 200°C/392°F
  • Green/yellow (Low/medium) – 210°C/410°F
  • Orange (Medium) – 220°C/428°F
  • Purple (Medium/higher) – 230°C/446°F
  • Red (Higher) – 240°C/464°F

It should really be noted that the heat settings are vague as no precise temperatures are supplied. So, these of you who know precisely what your preferred temperature variety is – you are gonna have to learn it once more when employing this device.

The Hydrology 9 requires about 60 seconds to heat up, which is quite slow compared to a lot of other devices on the market place. On the other hand, it incorporates a constructed-in stirring tool in order to make certain even heating and retain waste at a minimum, which is quite neat.

Moving along, this vaporizer functions a rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium battery that requires about three hours to completely charge. The battery lasts up to 15 sessions but Hydrology 9 can be also applied for the duration of charging. Due to the complexity of the style, having said that, the battery is not replaceable.

Hydrology 9 vapor high-quality

As the most significant aspect of any vaporizer, vapor high-quality can make or break a solution.

Hydrology 9 can make strong and visible vapor but exactly where it lacks for most is in the taste. The vapor has quite tiny flavor, sadly.

The truth that is it is straightforward on the lungs is fantastic. The water filtration program does a great job of maintaining irritation at bay, so if this is a function you believe you would actually love – then it is settled.

But if you are hunting for a lot more taste, Hydrology 9 could possibly not be the fantastic match.

Hydrology 9 style

Hydrology 9

This is Hydrology 9’s largest promoting point.

The sleek, seven-inch extended physique is shaped like a cylinder and is quite, quite fashionable and sophisticated (despite the fact that not specifically discreet which could be a deal-breaker for some).

It is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, it is straightforward to assemble and typically feels quite strong in the hand.

Having said that, this device does not actually reside up to the definition of portability. It is not pocket size, and contemplating the extra step of obtaining to fill it with water, I actually do not really feel like I would use this outdoors of the confines of my house.

And when it is not genuinely transportable-friendly, this elegantly-developed vape boasts a leak-proof water tank, creating it appropriate for traveling. If you are worried about the glass breaking, there’s also an accompanying leather carrying case that retails for $50.

The multi-colored LED light show that corresponds with the heat settings could possibly be taking it a bit also far – but then once more, in low lighting, it glows like a lava lamp and can actually contribute to the mood for the duration of a session.

How to use the Hydrology 9

Hydrology 9

While the style is complicated, Hydrology 9 is relatively straightforward to use.

Initial, you eliminate the leak-proof cover along with the glass tube in order to pour in water. The organization recommends attempting various levels of water involving 40%-70% till you obtain your preferred quantity.

Subsequent step – loading the chamber. Turn the device upside down, unscrew the bottom lid and load the chamber with your herbs.

That about covers it. You click the energy button three occasions and the flashing light indicates the device is turned on. If you are in the mood for the LED light show function, which Cloudious calls.

Celebration MODE, just hold the energy button for three seconds.

Upon finishing a session, it is encouraged to drain the water. Relating to cleaning, Cloudious says a microfiber cloth will operate effectively along with a bit of soap and water.

Hydrology 9 is covered by a two-year warranty.

Hydrology 9 standout functions

Style style style.

As I’ve currently described on a number of occasions, Hydrology 9 actually is a fine hunting device.

In addition, the lack of harshness when vaping as a outcome of the water filtration program is surely a plus, and also tends to make it a lot more accessible to newbies as effectively.

Final verdict

Some customers might have difficulties with Hydrology 9 portability and bland vapor taste.

Having said that, a lot of believed and work went into the style of this solution, as effectively as into the water filtration program that tends to make vaping straightforward on the lungs.

At a cost of $250, you might be tempted to appear at what options you can obtain, but probabilities are Hydrology 9 will be your final option.


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