China Hemp Association Sector Annual Summit November 2019


China is the key cannabis planting region in the globe, accounting for about half of the total region planted. Of the 606 patents involving cannabis, 309 came from enterprises and folks in China. Beneath the background of the rise of industrial cannabis market, provinces have issued policies to assistance the improvement of industrial cannabis. In 2018, Heilongjiang Province introduced the policy. “Heilongjiang Hanma Sector 3-year Particular Strategy of Action (2018-2020)” lists the Hanma market as a new development target, focusing on delineating Qiqihar, Daqing, Heihe, Suihua and other dominant locations of Hanma cultivation.The all round objective of the Strategy of Action is to create Heilongjiang Province into the biggest hemp market base in China and even in the globe by 2020, with 70,000 napping hemp peel deep processing capacity, 10,000 tons of hemp seed deep processing capacity, 10,000 tons of leaf and flower deep processing capacity, and 300,000 tons of stem and core complete utilization processing capacity initially forming hemp cultivation. Fiber cone processing, deep improvement of seed mosaic leaves and complete utilization of stalk core are the entire market chain of hemp planting and processing method.

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