October two, 2019

“There are not these controls on the illegal marketplace. You may possibly be paying much less, but you know, you actually do not know exactly where your product’s coming from. And whether or not it really is going to make your sick or not.”

— Alex Traverso

California passed Prop. 215 back in 1996, legalizing cannabis for medicinal use and blazing the trail for other states. Twenty years later, following Colorado’s lead, voters in the Golden State passed Prop. 64, and produced it legal for all adults to use cannabis in the most populous state in the nation. Now, enthusiasts and critics alike have opinions about how the state has implemented the law. Some say the taxes and regulations are also burdensome security issues have arisen far more lately.

Alex Traverso is chief communications officer for the Bureau of Cannabis Manage, and he’s at ground zero of the California’s cannabis regulatory machine. We talked about taxes, rogue dispensaries, how to make confident you happen to be consuming safely, and substantially far more.

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