12-Year-Old With Epilepsy Pushes Washington DC to Modify Healthcare Marijuana Policy


Zoey Carty was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy when she was six months old. Zoey was possessing 10 seizures a day and, on the suggestions of her neurologist, she was treated with phenobarbital, a popular drug for epilepsy.

But Zoey’s mother, Dawn Lee-Carty, was unaware of the drug’s side effects. Two weeks later, she realized the extended road ahead when Zoey started to have an adverse reaction. For years, their lives centered about drugs, doctor’s visits and various hospital admissions. And the frequency of the seizures only enhanced.

Then, in 2016, — when Zoey was eight years old — Lee-Carty flew to Colorado to study all about cannabidiol oil immediately after watching an interview about healthcare marijuana. She stated it had a dramatic influence, and that Zoey’s seizures decreased by half.

em>- Study the complete short article at ABC News.


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