Back in 2013, neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief healthcare correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta shared with the globe his documentary, “Weed,” which combined interviews that looked at the viewpoint of cannabis from healthcare leaders, growers and patients’ points of view. It featured the likes of Charlotte’s Net amongst several other individuals.

Rapid forward, the quantity of documentaries that the specialist has brought to the table has come to be 5, with the fifth 1 known as, “Weed five: The CBD Craze”, scheduled to air on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at eight PM ET/PT on CNN.com/go reports the CNN Press Area.

The objective of WEED five is to investigate the CBD business, provided the praise and craze behind it. Considering that the business is not completely regulated, such an investigation in required as additional and additional instances on the presence of pesticides and higher THC levels are revealed.

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A Rapid Appear at His Previous Documentaries

As shoppers yearn for additional data on cannabis and the unique sorts of cannabinoids that exist, such documentaries are critical in gaining insight on the business. Right here are Dr. Gupta’s former 4 documentaries and a short overview of what they entailed:

#1. Weed: Why I Changed My Thoughts About Marijuana

The initially of the documentaries was certainly to have been believed-provoking, contemplating the truth that the neurosurgeon was not for marijuana just before that. As previously talked about, he traveled to get the input of quite a few professionals ranging from experts to these who had skilled the effects of marijuana. Here’s what he stated at the time, as previously reported by CNN Wellness:

“[The Drug Enforcement Agency] didn’t have the science to assistance that claim (no accepted medicinal use and a higher possible for abuse) and I now know that when it comes to marijuana, neither of these items are accurate. It does not have a higher possible for abuse and there are extremely genuine healthcare applications, in truth, occasionally marijuana is the only issue that performs.”

#two. Weed two: Cannabis Madness

The second of Gupta’s journeys turned documentary is Weed two: Cannabis Madness. In this series, he expounded on the U.S Federal laws, namely how marijuana was classified below Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. With each other with scientists, he went on a mission to disprove these who claim marijuana has no medicinal worth. Particularly, it was deemed, “politics of pot, pitting policy against sufferers,” as reported by Time.

#three. Weed three: The Marijuana Revolution

Following the aforementioned, comes Weed three, which looked mostly at the politics behind healthcare marijuana, along with its respective investigation. He also looked closely at the operate achieved by Dr. Sue Sisley, who studied healthcare marijuana for veterans and these who what skilled PTSD.

#four. Weed four: Pot vs Tablets

In the fourth documentary, Dr. Gupta went deep into the globe of discomfort management and addiction investigation. As we all know, most discomfort killers have some trace of opioids, in order to fully grasp the damaging influence the latter has, the neurosurgeon got with each other with NFL operating back, Mike James, who took to marijuana to overcome his addiction. Other regions that he investigated contain marijuana’s classification, investigation and what advocates have to say.

We will have a complete critique on the CNN Specific Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and share insights on what transpiring on the upcoming WEED five: The CBD Crazy documentary.