Rosie Mattio (far suitable)

Rosie Mattio is an influential figure, no matter if she’s in the dwelling or at the office…or what ever other place her job requires her on any provided day. 

The founder of public relations consulting firm MATTIO Communications has worked with some of the leading corporations in and out of cannabis to enable shape their brand. Just a handful of names incorporate Canndescent, Vangst, NYC-primarily based LeafLink, Springbig and Harborside. 

She’s also carried out it all though raising a family members of 4 little ones with her husband, Daniel – and no nanny. 

In 2005, Mattio moved to Chicago to launch her personal firm following leaving New York’s Alison Brod, exactly where she was an account executive. With a background in specialty meals and 1 client, Popcorn Indiana, Mattio started her endeavor.

In time, she would add tech to her covered industries when Daniel opened a tech firm. In 2014, the family members moved to Seattle for a job chance. 

Calling the move “serendipitous”, Mattio would come across cannabis to be the subsequent market she expanded into. She found the chance following she was tasked with the launch of a cannabis cookbook. It was there Mattio realized that her PR knowledge could advantage the cannabis space. 

“Once I got this concept in my head, I began going to networking events in Seattle and cannabis tech meetups,” Mattio explained. The firm would add Seattle-primarily based cannabis information intelligence firm Headset as 1 of its subsequent consumers. The firm has grown rather steadily in the years given that, choosing up many accolades along the way. They incorporate getting the initial cannabis articles written in Vogue Magazine and Oprah.

Discussing the placements, Mattio mentioned, “We really feel like we played a seriously compact portion in bringing this plant that has been demonized for so a lot of years to a seriously mainstream media and assisting brand it as a thing that is acceptable and can be a thing that is trendy. That is been seriously excellent.”

The development of MATTIO Communications coupled with a new job chance for her husband lead to a move back to her dwelling, New York City. The Bronx-raised, Manhattan-educated Mattio located many advantages to moving back East. She mentioned that in spite of most of her consumers getting primarily based in the legalized places of the western U.S., the media they dealt with had been primarily based in New York City. 

The assistance of nearby family members members proved just as helpful. “I was capable to seriously develop my business enterprise mainly because I had the assistance of my family members, who is all New York-primarily based, to enable me with my little ones.” Mattio added, “And now we’re a New York-centered agency.”

In addition to assisting develop the family members and her business enterprise, Rosie also took the return dwelling to attain a lengthy-time fitness aim and total the 2015 New York Marathon. Expanding up with a father who has completed 18 marathons to date, and watching it reside every single November, she calls the achievement a “highlight of her life”. 

The highlights continue at the workplace right now. MATTIO Communications boasts more than 35 consumers and 15 workers functioning out of the company’s Midtown Manhattan workplace, which it not too long ago moved into. In April, the firm announced that it had closed its seed investment fund. Investors integrated PhytoPartners and New York-primarily based venture capitalist Alan Patricoff.

When increasing the business enterprise, Mattio is also tasked with raising her 4 daughters, all amongst the ages of 5 and 10 years old. The kids are conscious of the market mom functions in, sort of. Final year, her nine-year-old mentioned her mom functions in “that factor you paint on”, (AKA a “canvas”).

One particular factor all 4 girls are particular of is that they have a functioning mom. In their New Jersey neighborhood, that is not often the case. In spite of heading a PR firm, Mattio’s routine consists of time for her little ones every single day. She mentioned her routine consists of a four:30 health club session with college drop-offs and choose-ups bookending the operate day. 

The family’s living dynamic took a bit of a optimistic twist in the summer season of 2019. Right after years of following her husband’s entrepreneurial aspirations, Daniel decided to remain at dwelling with the girls so Rosie could concentrate on increasing MATTIO Communications. 

“It’s been quite cool that my daughters have grown up in an age exactly where we have these roles exactly where dad can be dwelling with the little ones, mom can be out there increasing her business enterprise, and it getting a cannabis business enterprise, and that is completely our typical,” Mattio remarked. 

The combined entrepreneurial spirits of the Mattios contrast with the common backdrop of remain-at-dwelling moms of their neighborhood. In carrying out so, that contrast offers their kids with the information that they can have a thriving profession of their personal. 

One particular of Mattio’s favourite instances is when the girls come to the workplace. “I have this quite busy and vibrant profession, but I have my personal business enterprise. My daughters come into the workplace,” she proudly mentioned. The mom and entrepreneur added the girls appreciate coming in and hugging the employees. “I really feel grateful that I’m capable to show [my daughters] my globe.” 

In New York, Mattio gets to hear her daughters in the workplace, as nicely as the buzz in the cannabis space. As the market place progresses, Mattio is excited to see the increasing New York media and investment communities. 

“[The public] had been not speaking about cannabis 5 years ago when I launched this firm at all. So that is been excellent.” She added, “It’s blossoming out right here.”