Earlier this month, the Adairsville City Council unanimously authorized a resolution establishing an “emergency moratorium” on the operation of any new firms “substantially engaged in the sale of low-THC oil, tobacco goods, tobacco-associated objects, option nicotine goods, vapor goods, cannabidiol ( CBD) and goods containing cannabidiol.”

According to legal counsel for the municipality, the moratorium will be in impact for 150 days, dating back to Sept. 12.

“The objective behind this is there is a important query in state law and federal law with regards to the THC oil, CBD goods and vaping-form goods,” stated lawyer Bobby Walker. “The Federal Drug Administration, as we speak, is taking into consideration a prospective ban of flavored oils for e-cigarettes, there’s been a quantity of state laws passed dealing with this … what this would do is location a moratorium on any new firms opening that engage and sell in these forms of components, or rather, substantially engaged in promoting this form of material.”

Walker stated the moratorium does not apply to current firms that currently sell such goods inside the City limits. Nor does the moratorium, hypothetically, bar regional licensed pharmacies from dispensing healthcare marijuana, he added.

“The only impact that it would have on current company would be that they cannot expand their footprint throughout the period of the moratorium of these forms of goods,” Walker stated. 

The moratorium, he stated, provides the City ample time to “investigate what form of ordinances might be proper to additional regulate these items in the future, as they are not terribly regulated at all at this point.”

Lawyer Brandon Bowen gave a handful of much more facts on a proposed City ordinance on the matter at an Adairsville Unified Zoning Board (UZB) meeting held Sept. 16.

“Basically, there’s a lot of confusion ideal now, when it comes down to it,” he stated. “Staff requested that we appear at what we can do in the City ordinance to limit new utilizes that are genuinely specializing in that.”

Proper now, he stated the City is mulling an ordinance amendment that would only permit “vapor shops” as particular-use firms in the municipality’s C-two industrial districts. Just before any new firms of the like could open, he stated the applicants would have to come prior to the UZB and the city council to plead their situations.

Bowen, nonetheless, acknowledged the the proverbial “devil was in the details” when it comes to legally outlining what a “vapor shop” essentially is. 

“In this ordinance, the way I have drafted it is defined as ‘a retail shop that is promoting much more than 10% of its retail solution is one particular of the items that goes along with vapor shops,’” he stated. “That contains CBD oil, cannabis oil, vapor goods as defined by state law — which is like the Juuls and items of that nature.”

The proposed ordinance, he added, also applies to tobacco goods. “So this will hit a cigar shop, for instance,” Bowen stated.

Bowen acknowledged the proposed ordinance language might be as well broad for some’s liking.

“The way I appear at it, they’re all sort of related utilizes, and we’re not saying you cannot do it,” he stated. “We’re just saying you have to get a particular-use permit … it does not imply you cannot sell cigarettes or vapor stuff or CBD, to the extent it really is lawful. But if your company is going to devote much more than 10% of its company activity on these goods, then you would need a particular-use permit.”

At this point, there is no timetable in location for when an official ordinance amendment might go prior to the council. However as federal and state government continues to clamp down on guidelines, regulations and restrictions for such goods, Bowen stated it under no circumstances hurts for regional governments to be proactive.

“The federal government is recommending that flavored vape goods be banned outright,” he stated. “So your vape goods would have to be tobacco-flavored, not pina colada or what ever.”

Continuing, Bowen stated Adairsville’s proposed ordinance essentially defines such firms 4 distinct strategies, impacting shops and shops whose retail stock is comprised of at least 10% of the aforementioned goods. 

The way the proposed language is stated, the ordinance also applies to firms for which these forms of goods make up 10% or much more of their gross day-to-day sales, 10% or much more of the retail worth of their existing stock or 10% or much more of their company floor region.

“In other words, it is going to be challenging to get about this,” he stated. “If you are going to sell a bunch of this, you are going to be topic to this ordinance.”