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Beastmode Kush is a higher-potency hybrid strain that was named with a nod to NFL operating back Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn is recognized for going into Beast Mode, placing the group on his back, and laying down some highly effective runs.


Similarly, Beastmode Kush hits really hard, and it will take you the distance. We do not know how Marshaw recovers following an intense game, but this bud undoubtedly wouldn’t be a undesirable alternative for him. It is stated to allow deep states of each mental and physical relaxation.

Beastmode Kush Origins

Beastmode Kush is the brainchild of master growers at Zion Gardens. When they initial received this strain, they anticipated it to be a reduce of Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC). As the strain grew and flowered, even though, it became apparent that its genes come from anything a lot more like OG Kush.


It could be a higher-performing range of OG Kush itself, or may possibly be some other hybrid with heavy OG influences.


OG Kush has been earning rave evaluations considering the fact that the early 1990s when a Florida cultivator married a Californian strain with the classic Hindu Kush from Amsterdam. It was a match produced in heaven– this pungent strain smells like an individual spilled gasoline in a skunk’s den.


The balanced hybrid effects are just as impressive as its dank aroma, and individuals adore to use it at any time of day. Some say they like to go on a extended hike following smoking OG Kush, whilst other folks say it tends to make them really feel satisfied just vegging out in front of the Television.


Beastmode Kush: Taste, Smell, and Look


Beastmode Kush frequently comes in dense small nuggets that are saturated with trichomes. The flowers have a wonderful green colour, but they might seem virtually gray due to the fact of all the crystals on their surface.


These brief, complete buds give off an earthy pine scent with some hints of a a lot more floral aroma. You are in for a tasty treat with Beastmode OG, and you may possibly really feel tempted to retain going back for however yet another toke.


Attempt to resist that temptation, due to the fact this potent strain (significantly like Marshawn Lynch himself) can lay you flat on your back unless you treat it with respect.


Effects of Beastmode Kush


Inside a couple of minutes of the classic kush taste passing your lips, you might begin to really feel a pleasant tingle in your brain. Individuals report feeling a puppy-like curiosity with Beastmode Kush– they frequently really feel interested in anything about them, as if they’re attempting to concentrate on anything at as soon as.


The sense of becoming fascinated with life brings feelings of euphoria, and lots of individuals report that their mood is significantly elevated inside minutes of their initial puff. Some say it is a fantastic social bud for them due to the fact it brings out their talkative side whilst rousing them into an energetic state.


The thrilling heady tingle is typically accompanied by a pleasant physique higher. Beastmode Kush lovers say the mixture of effects aids them get up and active even when they haven’t been feeling their very best physically.


Aches and pains melt away just as tension does, leaving individuals to really feel their very best each mentally and physically.


Exactly where to Obtain Beastmode Kush in CO


Of the 50+ strains on our dispensary menu at Chronic Therapy, Beastmode Kush is one particular of our favorites.


Cease by these days, and our friendly budtenders will send you household with some of this potent hybrid.

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