Health-related marijuana was legal in Paraguay considering the fact that 2007, but the couple of sufferers who certified faced a slew of roadblocks creating accessibility very tough.

Now, Marijuana Business enterprise Every day reports that the country’s eligible sufferers will have a considerably much easier time acquiring their medicine, along with some good national financial added benefits.

In 2018, the government established a new law enabling licensed producers to develop and sell healthcare cannabis in Paraguay, but license applications will not be accepted till this October.

When established, nonetheless, Paraguay intends to broaden its accessibility and give producers a opportunity to sell each domestically and internationally.


The New Technique


Paraguayan wellness authorities released some specifics about the new framework in the course of a press conference.

Very first, the licensing course of action will be led by Paraguay’s wellness authority, the National Well being Surveillance, with numerous other governing bodies participating in the assessment course of action. In addition, officials will only entertain applications submitted in October and choices will be announced in December.

Second, any providers who get a license should “make use of it” inside 24 months.

Third, applicants will need to have a clear program in spot ahead of applying. This contains a complete breakdown of safety measures, transportation procedures, cultivation and manufacturing.

Fourth, two % of all production should go to the government.

Final – and maybe most notably – the government will offer these goods for totally free to sufferers who are eligible. Even so, their eligibility should be supported by scientific proof.




We all know that lots of situations are believed to advantage from healthcare marijuana, be it THC, CBD or each. Even so, a lot of these are nonetheless becoming researched and normally have no proof other than private testimony.

Paraguay is conscious of this and is as a result not keen to give out marijuana on the taxpayers’ dime devoid of being aware of it is becoming effectively-spent. For that reason, recipients will only obtain access if they have situations for which there is “…scientific proof that healthcare cannabis could assistance.”

Well being Minister Julio Mazzoleni emphasized that the list of eligible situations is “in continuous evolution,” so previously ineligible ailments could possibly come to be open down the road. He says the ministry will monitor scientific study as it progresses.

But Marijuana Business enterprise Every day additional explains:


“[Mazzoleni] stated only sufferers with situations for which there’s ‘scientific evidence’ – not ‘anecdotal evidence’ – will advantage. Information about the important level of proof remained fuzzy.”


This vagueness could result in difficulties for sufferers till certain parameters for strong proof are identified.




A single important selection will enable producers to export their goods soon after undergoing an export application and licensing course of action.

Naturally, this presents a big chance for the country’s cannabis business and its all round economy.


Improvements More than Existing Technique


To say that this new program is far better would arguably be a huge understatement.

Up till now, healthcare customers had to get their medicine by permission on a “case-by-case basis” for “compassionate use.” Even so, these goods had to be imported, creating the rates also higher for lots of people today to access.

Property cultivation was also banned till now, creating access even far more inconvenient for these who could have grown their personal.

With the government’s two % reduce to be distributed amongst eligible sufferers, affordability will not be a concern any longer.


WeedAdvisor’s Involvement in the South American Market place


As providers of important organization options for the cannabis business, we welcome the news of Paraguay’s huge healthcare marijuana overhaul.

As licensed producers and governments prepare to navigate the complicated regulatory and logistical path ahead, WeedAdvisor gives a range of tools to help each governments and licensed producers in regions like inventory, compliance, monitoring, reporting, documentation, study and far more.