We know your time is valuable, so we’ll get right to it. RAVE Reviews’ pick for best overall Egyptian cotton sheets is Thread Spread’s True Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets. 

Made from single ply, long-staple yarn, with a sateen weave, they’re a super comfy and affordable way to get some Egyptian cotton sheets in your life — and your bed.

What’s so special about Egyptian cotton sheets, anyway? After all, they are pricier than other sheets.

Here’s the difference between cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets: Egyptian cotton is finer, softer, and lasts longer than other kinds of fabric. 

Finer yarn means a higher thread count, making Egyptian cotton extra smooth and comfortable. Trust us, sleep on a set of Egyptian cotton sheets for just one night and you’ll feel what we’re talking about. 

But since they’re more expensive than sheets made from other materials, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the best Egyptian cotton bedding with the best thread count for Egyptian cotton.

Stick with us, and we’ll tell you what you need to know about the best Egyptian cotton sheets. An amazing night’s sleep is coming for ya.

Have we managed to convince you 100% Egyptian cotton sheets really are top of the line, and that they aren’t the same as those 100% cotton sheets you’ve sleeping on? 

If not, maybe this will help.

What’s so great about Egyptian cotton?

True Egyptian cotton is long-staple, meaning it won’t pill. Without pilling, your sheets stay more comfortable, and simply look better over time.

These same long fibers make yarn that’s softer than other yarn, resulting in the smoothest and silkiest sheets.

The long fibers of Egyptian cotton also create a tighter weave, meaning a stronger and more durable product.

Hot sleepers rejoice! Egyptian cotton wicks away moisture, helping to regulate body temperature while you sleep.  

Do you tend to shop for organic products? Egyptian cotton can be either organic or not. You pay more to buy strictly organic Egyptian cotton, but it might be worth it, especially considering the ecological impact.

Now you know why Egyptian cotton sheets are special. But our job is still not done, because in addition to helping you pick the best Egyptian cotton sheet set, we need to tell you about a few more things to consider before hitting that “buy” button. 

Are my Egyptian cotton sheets real?

Egyptian cotton sheets are so popular, they’re frequently faked. The best way to tell is the price: To get real Egyptian cotton, you’re going to pay a little more for it.

Also, never buy a product claiming to be Egyptian cotton without seeing the tag. Is it a reputable brand? Do they offer a good warranty and return policy? If not, you might not be buying real Egyptian cotton after all.

When buying online, it’s always best to buy direct from the manufacturer rather than third-party sellers.

What’s the best thread count for Egyptian cotton sheets?

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. 

The best thread count for Egyptian cotton is somewhere between 600 and 1200, and the lowest thread count in our ranking is 800.

Thread count indicates the softness of your sheets as well as durability over time. But thread count is not the only thing to consider when choosing a new set of Egyptian cotton sheets. 

What’s the best fabric weave for Egyptian cotton sheets?

Choosing a fabric weave is the next important consideration when choosing Egyptian cotton sheets. Most of the sheets in our ranking have what’s called a sateen weave, one of the softest and silkiest weave options.

Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect from other fabric weaves you might encounter while shopping for a new set of Egyptian cotton sheets:

  • Standard Weave: Your basic cotton weave. Think comfy cotton t-shirt.
  • Percale: Identifiable for its crisp finish
  • Twill: While twill is wrinkle-resistant, it’s too thick for sheets. Twill weave usually shows up in things like hats.
  • Pinpoint: Like twill, pinpoint is durable but not very soft. You won’t encounter it while shopping for sheets.

What is single ply yarn in sheets?

You’ll also notice the phrase “single ply yarn” a lot when shopping for the best Egyptian cotton sheets. But what does that mean? Is single ply yarn really better than other kinds of yarn? The answer is yes.

Single ply yarn can be spun only from long-staple cotton, producing soft, light, and durable sheets. Multi-ply yarns, however, are made from weaker fibers twisted together, creating temporary strength that breaks down over time. 

So when you’re given the choice between single ply and multi-ply yarn, always choose single ply.

A note about staples of cotton: Long-staple is not the only kind. Here’s what you need to know about other cotton staples.

  • Short-staple: The most common, short-staple cotton usually shows up in denim, flannel, and other low-maintenance products.
  • Extra-long staple: Extra-long staple cotton is the highest quality, with a soft and silky feel. Pima and Egyptian yarns are both made from extra-long staple cotton.

And last, the color of your sheets. Because harsh dyes can weaken your sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets sometimes only come in off-white, white, and gray. When Egyptian cotton sheets do come in colors, they tend to be neutral and never with a pattern.

This might affect how you think about your bedroom’s decor, but luckily, everything goes with white. In our ranking, we gave a little extra love to brands that offer a variety of colors, but we steered away from bright colors and patterns.

Now, the only thing left to do is pick out a new set from our ranking of the 10 best Egyptian cotton sheets.


In our mission to bring you the 10 best Egyptian cotton sheets, we first considered and consulted similar rankings from trusted and reputable sources all across the internet. 

We paid extra close attention to the ratings and input of sleep consultants and bedding industry experts and professionals.

When we ranked each set of Egyptian cotton sheets, we considered the following:

  • Company
  • Price
  • Thread count
  • Color options
  • Sizing
  • Return policies/warranties
  • Special add-ons with purchase
  • Sustainability
  • Ease of care

Coming up next is our ranking of the 10 best Egyptian cotton sheet sets.

Once you get into the world of Egyptian cotton, it might be all you want to sleep on! What other kinds of bed linen can be made from Egyptian cotton? The truth is, a lot of it. Particularly pillowcases.

1) What’s the best Egyptian cotton pillowcase?

If you just can’t get enough Egyptian cotton in your life, here are four of the very best Egyptian cotton pillowcases:

Made from 100% authentic Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile River Basin, these pillowcases are elegant and durable, with a single ply sateen weave.

Not only do we like Thread Spread’s Egyptian cotton sheets best overall, we also like their pillowcases. These 1,000 thread count pillowcases with a sateen weave are durable, soft, fade-resistant, and eco-friendly.  

With a sateen weave and a hemstitch, these 100% Egyptian cotton pillowcases are durable and smooth. At only 400 thread count, these cases prove a high thread count doesn’t always equal quality. 

New and improved in 2019, these pillowcases are 800 thread count with a sateen weave. With proper care, they’ll stay soft and resist fading. They’re also produced in an eco-friendly facility. 

After investing in Egyptian cotton pillowcases, you’re going to want to take extra special care of them. Here are some pointers on getting a lifetime of comfort and value from your new bedding:

  • Clean pillowcases separately from the pillows
  • Before washing, use liquid dish soap and a stiff brush to remove any residue
  • For difficult stains, vinegar can help
  • Machine wash on hot 

2) What are the best Egyptian cotton towels?

In addition to sleeping blissfully on Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases, you can dry yourself off after a shower or relaxing bath with Egyptian cotton or Egyptian cotton blend bath towels. 

Here are a few Egyptian cotton towels for when you just can’t get enough Egyptian cotton in your life:

Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, these two-ply terry cloth constructed towels are super soft, luxurious, and absorbent. Best of all, they come in a number of vibrant colors.

These practical and beautiful sheets are fast drying and moisture wicking, and best of all, they’re made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

Like sheets and pillowcases, Egyptian cotton towels have their own set of considerations when keeping them clean and long-lasting. Here are some do’s and don’ts when caring for Egyptian cotton towels:

  • When in doubt, read the label: Perhaps it goes without saying that sometimes the best care instructions really are right there on the label.
  • Check the blend: Look for certain labels to certify your cotton towels are really made from Egyptian cotton or an Egyptian cotton blend.
  • Wash before use: It’s always best to wash your towels before you even use them. The first time, however, refrain from using soap.
  • Soak ‘em first: Luxury towels are often coated with an anti-microbial finish or softener to help preserve the fibers. To remove this finishing prior to washing or using your towels, simply soak them in warm water for about 10 minutes.
  • Dry on low: When it comes time to dry your towels, using a low heat or gentle tumble dry cycle is always best.

3) How should I care for Egyptian cotton sheets?

At first, Egyptian cotton can feel a little rough, but don’t worry! Over time, your sheets will become as incredibly soft and comfortable as we promised.

Instead of waiting, here are some tips to soften up your sheets before using them:

  • Machine wash in cold on gentle
  • Remove from washing machine immediately to prevent creasing
  • Dry on low

And here are a few more pointers for taking care of your new Egyptian cotton sheets:

  • Wash Egyptian cotton sheets separately from other laundry. Don’t overdo the detergent, and never use fabric softener, as it damages the fibers of long-staple cotton.
  • Whether it’s the first time or the 100th time, always wash your sheets in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use an extra rinse cycle to help wash out all remaining detergent. You may also want to wash your sheets one sheet at a time.
  • Never use bleach, as it damages natural cotton fibers, and do not use fabric sheets. 
  • Dry your sheets on low, and remove them when they are still damp. Iron on low, or go ahead and put them on your bed, even if they’re not fully dry, to prevent creasing.

Following these simple tips and tricks will have your sheets soft and comfy in no time, while providing a lifetime of comfort.

4) What are the best Egyptian cotton sheets?

For the best overall Egyptian cotton sheets, we love Thread Spread True Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets.

They’re sustainably manufactured and available in a broad range of colors. We also appreciate that these sheets are made from single ply long-staple yarns with a sateen weave.

At RAVE Reviews, we always like to give a little extra attention to any newer, quality brands on the market. When it came to selecting the best new brand in Egyptian cotton sheets, we went with Comphy Sheets Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

Founded in 2003, Comphy Sheets have all the quality and luxury you expect from the finest Egyptian cotton.

The last category we want to tell you about is the best Cheap Egyptian Cotton Sheets. In our ranking, this honor goes to Chateau Home Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

But just because these sheets are relatively affordable doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing any quality. They’re as luxurious and thick as more expensive sheets on the market. 

RAVE Recommends

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  • RENUE Premium Delicate Laundry Detergent: When it comes time to wash your sheets, don’t choose just any detergent. Instead, head straight for RENUE Premium Delicate Laundry Detergent.
  • Heart Felt Wool Dryer Balls: These dryer balls work as natural fabric softener, reduce drying time, and help reduce wrinkles and static.