Our pride and joy is our stunning, organic, totally-flowering public Cannabis garden, situated in the basement of the Cannabis College.

No trip to Amsterdam is full without the need of a pay a visit to to our garden. These beautiful plants type 1 of the world’s only publicly accessible flowering Cannabis gardens, so please quit by for a actually exclusive knowledge.

We constantly have a choice of the finest excellent Cannabis strains expanding, and we only use organic, higher excellent and completely tested nutrients. This presents guests with an fantastic chance to obtain expertise straight about the plant by observing it in a living, expanding state, and asking our employees queries about strains, lights, tactics such as super cropping and LST, or how to treat and prevent particular pests and diseases.

Guests are not only allowed but encouraged to take photographs of the garden, which will certainly outcome in some of the most incredible images you will take throughout your remain in Amsterdam.

History of our Cannabis Garden

Due to the fact 1998 we have offered correct, objective facts about all elements of Cannabis and hemp and have cultivated a stunning organic flowering garden in our basement. Significantly like the Cannabis College itself, the garden has gone by means of numerous alterations more than the years, from the quantity of plants and the layout to our option of cannabis nutrients and develop tactics.

In the early days the Cannabis College garden hosted about 1 hundred little plants, but was decreased in size shortly thereafter to a show of 5 substantial plants (roughly 3 months in vegetation each and every). The indoor Cannabis College garden reflects, and is contingent upon, the tolerated allowance of outside plants in The Netherlands, at the moment set at a maximum of 5 plants.

Some of you may try to remember the common Amsterdam basement (extended and low-ceilinged) had been cleared out in order to give extra space for our plants and guests. With substantial stone basins spread out by means of the basement that would hold our stunning plants.
The cause we had to restrict the public’s access to the plants is unfortunately our history of contamination from prying hands. Presenting a controlled setting also permits us to examine strains in distinctive expanding environments and thereby give extra comprehensive facts.

We decided to construct small ‘grow rooms’ in order to demonstrate cultivation strategies that are swiftly gaining recognition. This also permitted us to show our guests the actual distinctive stages of cultivation.

Due to the fact the cannabis sector has taken such a leap forward and virtually each day new goods/suggestions are introduced to an currently speedy expanding market place. In 2018 we decided we also had to update and develop along. Resulting in a fresh new paint job for the upstairs and upgrading/ reconfiguring our develop rooms in a way that minimises external (temperature) influences and illnesses.

Concerning technologies, the plants are nonetheless (and constantly will be) cultivated in an organic style, which means that they are grown in soil with organic nutrients and all-natural pesticides. The plant starts below a 250W CFL (Compact fluorescent Light) in our vegetation area, a new addition to the layout, normally with a assortment of tactics utilized to manage the shape and size of each and every plant. 1 instance enjoys a classic 600W HPS (Higher Stress Sodium) light. Lastly we at the moment use/show a set of 200W LED bars from TodoGrow in flowering stage.

Significantly of what is on show in our garden has been grown using donations from wholesalers, retailers and organic nutrient providers. Extra facts on each and every of these generous organisations is accessible in the hyperlinks section of this site.