On Wednesday, September 11, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Workplace received a contact about an armed robbery involving cannabis at a place in the Salmon Creek region.

When deputies responded to the scene, the victim explained that he had been sleeping when he was awakened in the early morning to uncover an intruder holding a shotgun against his face.

“Don’t move,” the intruder told the victim. “Or I will kill you.”

The victim was restrained with zip ties along with two other victims who left the scene prior to law enforcement arrived.

The victims witnessed two to 4 masked folks take about 96 pounds of untrimmed cannabis that had been hung up.

According to a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Workplace news release, the place is a permitted cannabis cultivation internet site and is licensed by means of the County of Humboldt and the state of California.

Additional investigation of the incident led deputies to the residence of a probable suspect in the 3300 block of E Street in Eureka.

When deputies arrived at the residence, they detected the scent of cannabis emanating from inside.

A single of the probable suspects at the residence was on probation with a search and seizure clause.

The Eureka Police POP group assisted Humboldt County deputies in conducting a probation search at the residence exactly where two suspects had been discovered trimming cannabis.

Even though browsing the residence, authorities noticed proof of other crimes and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Workplace Marijuana Enforcement Group was dispatched to safe the residence even though a search warrant was obtained.

It was determined that 26-year-old Matthew Williams and 30-year-old Parker Henderson had stolen the cannabis earlier and each had been arrested for armed robbery.

Williams was discovered to be wearing an ankle monitor.

On top of that, 37-year-old Chad Sample and 50-year-old Forrest Vandorn had been arrested for felony warrants, 38-year-old Angela Early was arrested for a misdemeanor warrant, and 32-year-old Andrea Hunsucker was arrested on a charge of a felon in possession of a chemical agent.

The cultivation internet site owner identified a number of sample bags, packaging and untrimmed cannabis that law enforcement had recovered from the suspects’ residence.

Following getting a court order, the investigating deputy was in a position to return all recovered cannabis to the owner.

The incident is at present beneath investigation and more charges may well be brought up.