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It appears if you trust the name “Dank” for even a single second, everyone has it in for you. Initial off, Dank is a fake brand. Second, a rash of tainted THC cartridges has led to numerous hospitalizations for lung harm and at least 5 deaths and counting. Dank cartridges are amongst the ones confirmed to be tainted. And now, from the people today who brought you so substantially misery currently comes…

A even though back, a commenter tipped us off to an on line shop that was allegedly promoting Dank cartridges, but even at that, they just take people’s dollars and send practically nothing. That web-site is now dead.

But a new domain has popped up in its spot, dankvapecarts.com. Note the ‘s’ is missing from ‘vapes.’ When once more: There is no Dank brand owned by any enterprise on Earth, it is just a package printer in China promoting empty packs for people today to fill with who-knows-what and re-sell. So there’s no way achievable that such a web-site can be legit.

But, like fleas, ticks, and other parasites, after the scammers come across out you can rob people today of their dollars on line just by posting an on line cart shop, they will return to the identical racket. Here’s what other fake brand shops we come across from browsing:

There appears to be a single for each and every phony “brand” we can assume of. But wait, it gets far better:

There’s on line rip-off web pages for genuine brands also

Yep, for instance, we identified 710kingpenshop.com. We talked about Counterfeit King Pens ahead of. The genuine King Pen is produced by LoudPack, and if you appear on their web page, they do not sell vape cartridges on line, they only provide a map of exactly where to come across their items.

We could of course go on, but we’ve produced our point. Lots of of these on line shops, if they ship something at all, are almost certainly supplied by illegal vape cart factories like the a single just busted in Wisconsin.

> “The 10-particular person operation was filling up to five,000 illegal carts a day, and promoting them for $16 on the street.”

With promoting carts for $16 and nonetheless producing a profit, consider what they could be filled with…

When once more: Confirm your distributor, only purchase legal

Anyone else have an unfortunate encounter with an on line cartridge distributor? Let us know in the comments under or in our forum.