Canadians are nonetheless facing lifetime bans more than admitted use or traveling with non-psychoactive CBD oil.

A handful of months ago, as I was approaching U.S. customs in Toronto Pearson airport, a customs officer recognized me as a VICE reporter.

“You do videos on marijuana and stuff proper?” he continued, as he told a handful of of his colleagues that they could obtain mentioned videos on YouTube. (It was a slow evening.)

I smiled. But inside, I was freaking out a tiny, questioning if my association with weed—and the truth that I’ve consumed it—would bring about challenges. He was chill, and I got by means of no dilemma. But it turns out I had lots of cause to be concerned.

Even although cannabis is legal in Canada and in quite a few US states, it is nonetheless a Schedule 1 drug below federal American law, defined as a substance “with no at the moment accepted healthcare use and a higher prospective for abuse.” If you are convicted of a cannabis offence and you reside outdoors the U.S., you most likely won’t be permitted to enter the nation. If you currently reside there but you’re not a citizen, you could be deported. But even admitting to previous weed consumption can get a individual barred for life. The similar goes if you are applying for a function visa or a green card, or if you are a green card holder attempting to acquire citizenship.

Not too long ago, two Canadians were caught at the border with CBD oil, which they didn’t understand would be an challenge due to its non-psychoactive nature. 1 is now facing a lifetime ban and will have to apply for a waiver to override it, an onerous course of action that comes with a $600 charge and can take up to 18 months to comprehensive. The challenge gets even much more complex when you take into account the truth that even operating in the cannabis sector or investing in a legal weed organization could get you banned—or possibly deported if you are currently living in the U.S.

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Published: September 11, 2019

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