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The name alone is intriguing, and may be a primary reason why someone would want to try this marijuana strain. Blackwater marijuana is a heavy-hitting Indica strain that packs some intense levels of THC. A bit of this will shut your eyes and turn your world black into sleep.

A big part of the allure behind this strain, is that it is quite challenging to find. The overall aroma consists of earth, wood, and berry.

Cannabis consumers have gone to great lengths to find this strain, as it has built quite a name for itself in the industry. Blackwater took third place in the Cannabis Cup in 2014 for “Best Indica Strain” and has grown in popularity ever since.

Indica strains are known for their intense body effects, and the Blackwater strain is no exception. You can expect an intense high that works its way into your body, leaving you to feel extremely relaxed and content.


The Blackwater marijuana strain is a cross between Mendocino Purple and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Both of these strains are from California, and are extremely popular.

Mendocino Purple

Hailing from Northern California, the Mendocino Purps strain is a well-balanced hybrid, that has a fruity taste and smell. It is oftentimes referred to as Mendo Purps, which is a cute name, that will stick with a person, much like the overall aroma of this strain does. The taste and smell are that of earth, grape, and wood.

The strain grows well both indoors and outdoors, and it also secured itself a top 10 finish in the Cannabis Cup for “Best Strain” in 2007. It is used for stress, pain, and insomnia.

San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando Valley OG is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is packed THC and energy. It comes with a fantastic lemon-pine smell and taste, and it is often consumed with a vaporizer, as the smoke is a little bit harsh. It is used in treating stress, pain, and depression.

Something important to note: Those who choose to vape need to get a marijuana vape pen, and should never try to use a standard vape pen. Vape liquid and cannabis liquid burn at different temperatures, and therefore require different devices.


The first thing that you will notice with the Blackwater marijuana strain, is the berry taste. It then transforms into an earthy and pine flavor that stays on the tongue. One thing to note with this strain, is that it can be very pungent upon the exhale, so be ready for that, or you may be thrown into a big coughing fit. Once a coughing fit starts, it can burn a users chest, making the marijuana experience unpleasant.

Berry is tasted on the inhale, and on the exhale notes of lemon and pine can be tasted. When the buds are broken apart, an earthy and woody flavor can be smelled.

If you’re a fan of berry tasting marijuana strains, this strain should definitely be on your list of strains to try. Its flavor profile keeps people coming back for more, year after year.


The Blackwater strain is one of the more appealing strains of marijuana. It blossoms into a beautiful dark purple and dark green plant. The buds are sticky, densely-packed, and the leaves are a bit more curly. Unlike other buds that are popcorn shaped, these are solid, and are found throughout the plant.

Trichomes cover the buds, which means a grinder will be necessary to break them down. Remember to clean your grinder before and after each use, or the grinders condition will deteriorate.

The high resin production on this strain makes it ideal for hash and concentration production.


You can expect to smell berries, lemons, and pine trees. Think of it like walking through a forbidden forest of deliciousness, with lemon trees all around.

A berry and grape smell is emitted once the buds are broken down. Those who are breaking buds down in front of others, better be ready to share, because with a scent so sweet, people will want to try some of the Blackwater marijuana.

Overall, the aroma is very similar to the taste. This strain definitely ranks as one of the better smelling strains, as the berries mix exceptionally well with the lemon and pine, creating a real treasure.


As previously mentioned, the blackwater strain grows into beautiful dark purple and dark green colors. This is an easy strain to grow, so it is recommended for novice growers. Experienced growers who want an easy strain to add to their crops, can add Blackwater without worrying about keeping a close eye on it.

Blackwater can grow both indoors and outdoors, and it thrives best in a sheltered outside environment with lighting.


When growing Blackwater indoors, you can expect it to take about nine weeks to be ready for harvest. Once fully grown, you can expect anticipate a yield of about 16 ounces per square meter of marijuana.

Growing Indoors can be ideal for any type of home, because the plants grow short and bushy. Topping these plants is crucial, so that the bottom layers can get proper airflow and sunlight. If topping isn’t done, the bottom leaves will die, thus compromising the entire plant.


Blackwater typically produces about 18-20 ounces per square meter outdoors, and it is ready for harvest in late September. This is assuming that it is kept sheltered from the environment and dry. Growing outdoors requires a semi-humid climate. Daytime temperatures should be about 75 degrees during the day time hours.

Growing a strain from a clone is always a bit harder, but worth it in the end, because clone growing means you are growing directly from the source. Blackwater can be grown from the clippings of other plants, however, it is also available in seed form.

People on the west coast have the green light, to go ahead and grow this strain outdoors. Growers there can be confident this plant will grow properly, and provide them with a large yield of cannabis. Have patience, because this plant is a slow one to grow.


There’s an abundance of Indica effects that you can expect with Blackwater. It possesses extremely calming, and sedative effects, that will leave you ready for a good night’s rest. They put the word black in the name for a reason, and a bit of this potent marijuana can turn your daytime sun into the black, by putting users to sleep.

Those who want to use a bit of the Blackwater marijuana, should not plan to venture out too far from their couch. If you don’t sleep, then you will, for sure, at least feel drowsy.

The overall high will hit users slowly, but once it hits, it really knocks you off your feet. A body high will be felt running all throughout the body, and one might even experience a slight bit of numbness. It also has the ability to make you feel calm, and slow down your breathing a bit.

Mindsets will turn into a dreamy, trancelike state, making it ideal for pairing with relaxing activities like movies or television.

Even though this is an Indica heavy strain, it won’t give users the munchies, which is excellent for those who are watching their weight.

Other Effects

  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed

Relaxation is easily the most common effect of this strain. This is also why it can work so well for medicinal purposes. It is not wise to use this strain in the morning, as it will definitely make you feel like you’re ready for bed.

If you’re someone who deals with a lot of stress and anxiety, the relaxation you will get from this strain can be significant. Feeling relaxed in the mind and body allows users to fully recharge their batteries.


If you’re someone who has dealt with insomnia for years, this is the perfect strain to try. A lot of consumers have mentioned how well this strain works, for them to sleep at night. This is important, as the less sleep you get, the more health problems you can accumulate.

Don’t go another night relying on pharmaceuticals to put you to sleep, especially, if you’re not a fan of taking pills. This can be a great way to transition off of sleeping medications, if that’s what you’re looking to do. A person should never rely on taking a pill to sleep every night, because that can be very hard on the liver. Because it works so well at calming, and reducing stress, it allows you to just sink into your bed, and take a trip to dreamland.


While this strain does relax you and make you sleepy, it also packs a punch of happiness. This is important, as it ensures that you are going to sleep in a positive headspace. This will result in a better nights rest, as you won’t have as many bad dreams, or nightmares.

Everybody knows that the world could use more happiness, and this strain is perfect for those who are looking for it. Nighttime can be tough for people, because the dark brings out hidden thoughts. Using Blackwater is like a shield that protects your mind, and only allows the positive in.


Euphoria is always found in Sativas, however, you will also get a dose of it in this potent strain. Euphoria usually goes hand in hand with happiness, as it is that overwhelming feeling of joy.

Negative Effects

There aren’t many adverse side effects to watch out for. A couple of things that can be mentioned are that the smoke is a bit rough. It may hurt your lungs, a little bit more than your average strain, and can cause coughing fits.

You can also expect red eyes and a dry mouth, however, those are easy to combat with eyedrops and water.

One thing to note is that if you are consuming this in the morning, it will definitely make you more tired than your average strain. Because of this, don’t plan physical activities, as you will definitely feel sleepy.

Lucky for those who are health conscious, this type of Indica strain isn’t going to leave you with a case of the munchies.

Medical Uses

Due to the incredibly beneficial Indica effects of the Blackwater strain, there are a lot of different medicinal purposes with this strain.

If you struggle with pain, insomnia, stress, muscle spasms, or cramps, this strain could be just what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that it is rare, so be sure to call around before going to a dispensary.

It is not ideal for those looking to help gut pain.


Pain management is one of the main reasons why this strain is prescribed. With body melting levels of THC, consumers find their pain levels drastically decrease upon consumption of Blackwater marijuana.

If you’re someone who has struggled with pain and is looking to get off opioids, this could be an excellent strain to try. It can help you break an opioid addiction, while still helping you with your pain.

Consumers have noted that they have often found great success with this strain, for all sorts of pain management. The strain kicks in fast, and allows the user to get the relief they need almost instantly.


As stated above, insomnia stands no chance with this strain. It’s not uncommon for consumers to find themselves sleeping, in as little as five minutes after consuming this strain, if it is inhaled. Blackwater is extremely soothing, and relaxing, so be sure to be prepared for the drowsiness.

Since this strain lasts a few hours, it helps in keeping people asleep, all through the night.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms can actually be improved with marijuana. This strain, in particular, is perfect as it is packed with Indica effects. The relaxing nature of Blackwater is a big reason why it can help with spasms.


Those who struggle with cramps know that they can be extremely painful, to the point where you’re not able to really function. If you have tried other methods, but they have failed, this strain could be an excellent one for you. It will not only calm your cramps down, but it will allow women to get much-needed pain relief from such a painful ailment.

Recreational Uses

Blackwater marijuana is a real heavy-hitting strain, that pairs well with activities that help a user unwind and destress.

If you are one who needs an after-work beer to unwind, a bit of the Blackwater strain can help you out. You might even start even to notice that your beer belly will shrink, since this strain doesn’t cause weight gain, or fat to accumulate.

In a lower dose, this strain won’t put you to sleep, which makes it an excellent choice to pair with off-days. Introverts like to use this at home, when they are working on puzzles, crafts, and other at-home hobbies.

Blackwater can be a good thing to pair with a date night at home, with a nice meal, and some wine. A beautiful body buzz pairs well with some quality snuggling, and a friendly warm fire.

Popular Cities

With the legalization of marijuana in some states, and medically in most, cannabis is spreading like wildfire. With an enjoyable aroma, this strain has spread to many states. It is most prevalent in Colorado, Arizona, and Washington.

Similar Strains

If this strain sounds like something you would use, you might want to stock up on some related strains. Sometimes its good to switch up the flavor, or effects, just a bit, to keep your cannabis use spicy.

Similar Strains Include:

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  • Tangie
  • Hardcore OG
  • Pineapple Express
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  • Do Si Do


Many reviewers praise this strain for getting rid of anxiety, pain, and depression.

Other reviews say how shocked they are, that this can be an excellent social strain, when used in small doses. People will take a low dose while they are out, and a more massive dose once they get home to put them to sleep. Blackwater cannabis, is an Indica that packs a good punch.


Overall, Blackwater is a top-level Indica strain that continues to grow in popularity. If you haven’t tried this strain, and you’re a fan of Indicas, do yourself a favor and try it out. Dose sizing is going to play a big part in the effects felt from this strain. Unlike some Indicas, it can relax your mind and body, without rendering you totally useless, as long as you consume a small dose.

The berry flavor, combined with the body effects, keep its consumers satisfied.


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