The Northern Lights are the outcome of collisions in between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. Northern Lights Marijuana is sort of the exact same as soon as the Northern Lights #five smoke enters your physique, a chemical reaction of particles are released in the brain, which immediately adjustments your mood into appreciate, peace, and contentment.

Just as the Northern Lights in the Arctic are a should-see in your lifetime, Northern Lights #five is a should-attempt strain. It is, by far, a single of the most influential marijuana strains to date.

Northern Lights #five is technically a 95/five hybrid, but novice customers take into consideration it to be a complete Indica strain. Whilst it has THC levels that come in at 20-33%, the Indica properties in it tone down the hallucinations and trippy vibes. Customers can anticipate to be place into a fuzzy, physique buzz, that will leave them feeling as lazy as the 35-year-old living in their moms’ basement.

In bigger doses, this can take men and women to a far off galaxy, and it will be challenging for the customers to discover their return ticket residence.


I’m confident with a single of the highest levels of THC to date, you are in all probability questioning if this strain has ever won any awards. The answer to this is, yes! Northern Lights #five was entered into competitions decades ago, back in 1989. The strain showed up at the Cannabis Cup, and dominated rather speedily, winning awards in 1989, 1990 and 1992.


Northern Lights #five has been tweaked a bit more than the years. Whilst it normally contained a higher level of THC, not too long ago, the THC has measured up to a shocking 35%.

As with any other legendary strain, the origins of this strain are surrounded by mystery. This could possibly be accomplished on objective, to maintain customers interested, due to the pure mystery. Or, it could be feasible that sufficient record maintaining was not accomplished back then. It is only not too long ago that pot became legal, so it tends to make sense that the older strains wouldn’t have substantially of a paper trail to comply with.

Parent Strains

The very best guess of the parent strains of Northern Lights #five would be two landrace strains, the very best theory becoming Thai and Afghani.


Thai marijuana is a pure Sativa landrace strain, and it had years of isolated breeding. Fruit and citrus are the two quite a few aromas in this strain, which tends to make it sought soon after by quite a few customers. Growers appreciate it, and use it to breed a big assortment of strains, while, it requires a bit longer to develop. It is made use of therapeutically to treat depression, nausea, and migraines.


Afghani is an OG landrace strain that is a pure Indica. All-natural, and human-altered expanding, has created this strain the beauty that it is currently. Whilst it is a single of the oldest strains, it is pretty challenging to come by in this day and age. This is mainly because Afghanistian banned marijuana in 1993.

The smell of this strain is an acquired taste, as it has notes of skunk, and diesel. It is wonderful for treating insomnia, nausea, and anxiety.


The effects, felt from Northern Lights #five, are arguably some of the very best of all time. Customers will immediately be met with a physique buzz that borders on becoming numbing. You only require a single hit of this, and inside two minutes you can mentally and physically really feel the anxiety leaving your physique. It is very best made use of at evening, and not a wonderful wake and bake strain.

This strain tends to make you mellow, and your day’s worries will immediately melt away. Northern Lights #five is a good tiny slice of heaven in a day and age when issues are so stressful. Hit a bit of this, turn your telephone off, and just reside in your personal tiny globe for a couple of hours.

Physique Higher

These seeking for a physique higher, are going to appreciate Northern Lights #five. It can make peoples bodies really feel numb, tingle, and heavy feeling. Touch can really feel far more sensitive, and a focused, calm feeling will leave your physique feeling tingly.

If you are truly focused on a physique higher, more than a head higher, then take this strain in the kind of an edible. When marijuana is broken down, and processed by way of your liver, the all round higher will be longer and far more potent.

Thoughts Higher

Whilst Northern Lights is an just about pure Indica, the THC levels contained will nevertheless give customers a substantial thoughts higher. Time distortion, and believed alteration, could final for a couple of hours. Very simple issues like sound could possibly be amplified, which can be a exciting knowledge for new customers.


Customers will notice they all of a sudden discover themselves devouring meals, as if they haven’t eaten in days. This would be what cannabis customers contact the munchies. Stock up on your favourite snack, and love the complete bag in a single sitting.

Recreational Activities

There are not as well quite a few recreational activities to pair with the Northern Lights #five strain, mainly because the finish outcome will most probably be sleep. If you take a tiny dose, you can pair this strain with activities such as:

  • Reading
  • Television Shows
  • Puzzles
  • Crafting

Northern Lights #five is not the very best strain to pair with active hobbies, due to its drowsy effects. Alternatively, chill at-residence activities are far more appropriate to pair with this

Health-related Makes use of

Becoming an Indica strain, this can be excellent for these who want to treat health-related ailments at evening. The THC content material in this strain is beneficial for these who are seeking to use marijuana in a therapeutic way.

A lot more and far more men and women are turning to cannabis, rather of pharmaceutical drugs, and quite a few states are legalizing the health-related use of it. If you do not reside in a state exactly where it is legal, recreationally or medically, then you could possibly want to appear into moving to a state exactly where it is.

At the finish of the day, marijuana is a plant, and quite a few nations have made use of it, for it is healing properties, for decades. Whilst far more men and women are open and speaking about it, a single day, quite a few will use marijuana rather of tablets. It is non-addictive and does not bring about quite a few adverse side effects.

Let’s take a appear at a couple of health-related concerns that Northern Lights #five can help with:


This strain is wonderful for these who have insomnia, due to the physique buzz, and head shut-off impact. These who have difficulty sleeping, either falling asleep, or staying asleep, can use a bit of Northern Lights #five nightly. It will not leave you with any lingering effects the subsequent day, like drowsiness, or a foggy head.

Physique Discomfort

Physique discomfort can be debilitating for everyone, and can ruin a person’s life. It is challenging to get something accomplished when there is continuous discomfort operating all through the physique. Northern Lights #five can be effective for treating chronic illnesses, or suffering connected to a sports injury. You can use this in a topical kind, if you do not want to smoke or vape it, which could be the very best technique for these who are dealing with other health-related ailments.

Smoke can be irritating to the lungs, so edibles, oils or topicals could possibly be the very best route to go.

Headaches or Migraines

Any person who suffers from everyday headaches, or migraines, know how it can impact their everyday lives, at operate, and with household and mates. A pounding head can be speedily alleviated with a bit of the Northern Lights #five strain. This makes it possible for customers to reside in the moment, and really feel at peace.

Stomach Challenges

Stomach concerns can be eliminated with a bit of this strain. It can be a true help for quite a few varieties of stomach concerns, such as gastritis, gastroparesis, diarrhea, Crohn’s illness, and several varieties of cancers. The stomach is an vital organ in the physique, and to be healthier, the stomach requires to function properly.

Added Makes use of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anxiousness
  • PTSD
  • Evening terrors
  • Overthinking


Pine, floral, and an earthy scents are the all round aromas that 1st are noticed with this strain. Folks commonly use it for the effects, and not for the taste, or scent. A bit of earth and pine are left on the tongue soon after it is smoked.

This is a quite potent strain, and it is not wonderful for these who are attempting to use marijuana discreetly.

The smoke is a bit thicker with this strain, and could possibly not be the very best selection for these who do not do effectively with smoke or vape. Alternatively, take this in an edible or drink kind.


With so quite a few breeders having their hands on this strain, there are a lot of variations out there. It can be grown by a any talent level, and can be cultivated indoors, or outdoors.

You can develop this as a clone version. For these who are not confident what that signifies, you can develop it from an precise copy from the mother plant. This signifies far more accurate qualities of the strain will create, rather of expanding from a seed, exactly where the growers habits can impact the final bud.

The standard expanding time for Northern Lights #five is six to eight weeks. The yield is about 125 grams per square meter, and the buds normally sell quick.

The buds are extremely sticky, dense, and delicate. They give off a lemon scent when broken down.

Equivalent Strains

If this strain sounds like your jam, then you could possibly be interested in checking out these equivalent strains:

  • Vortex
  • Sour OG
  • Thai Girl
  • Imply Misty
  • CBD Wealthy Blessing
  • Mission Kush
  • Hashberry
  • Smooth Operator
  • Banana Diesel
  • Godzilla
  • The One particular
  • Heaven Scent
  • Sour Pebbles


Searching at a wide variety of evaluations, can give you a appear into true-globe experiences you could possibly anticipate. Several evaluations have stated:

  • This strain will pull you from the dimension you are in, and leave you floating in an unknown Galaxy. The only grasp you have of issues about you is the table and chair you are sitting on and hang on for dear life.
  • WOW! Now I know what men and women imply when they say “top shelf.” It has taken me about 20 minutes to create this assessment. NOT FOR A Newbie!!!!!
  • Two puffs. Carried out! It is been a Extended time. Most likely the most highly effective Indica if not strain alone readily readily available recognized on planet earth. One particular issue I Often looked for in the ’80s and ’90s was the stuff that necessary the least upkeep. We known as it a single hit s**~t. As far as anxiousness goes FLUSH the Xanax!
  • This has to be a single of the very best Strains I have ever had. This sweet, and potent, the flavor requires care of my ADHD/OCD & chronic discomfort with ease. Leaving my thoughts to it is inventive and scientific vices with an astute concentrate that is, so far paralleled by None. Northern Lights #five is surely a Strain to be reckoned with…

Adverse Effects

The most widespread adverse effects are dry mouth, and dry eyes. To protect against this, have some eye drops on hand, and some water or liquid to drink.

The higher levels of THC in this strain can be a bit as well substantially for new customers, or these sensitive to THC. After you have smoked weed, there is not something you can do to get un-higher. The very best issue to do is just buckle in, and ride it out. Contrary to well known belief, consuming meals will improve the effects, and will not combat them as consuming can do with drinking.

An additional clear side impact is going to be drowsiness. If you have someplace to be, or operate to get accomplished, then do not use this strain till afterward.

Final Thoughts

This marijuana is excellent for these who want a significant physique buzz and trippy head effects. Northern Lights #five can be a wonderful evening-time strain to aid with discomfort, or sleeping concerns. Whilst it does not have a stand-out flavor profile, it has an genuine, classic marijuana taste, that is great for these who want an OG weed. These new to THC, or are sensitive to it, must use this strain with caution.

Northern Lights #five is a staple inside the marijuana neighborhood, and it is a single that everybody must attempt at least as soon as in their lifetime.

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