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Proud of who they are:

Sue and Lee have constructed an audience of far more than 80,000 Instagram followers (@420OldFatLesbians) with their everyday video vignettes advertising a good message of self-acceptance.

“We retired to Maine, and in the winter there’s not a lot to do. So, we had been just pondering let’s get started an Instagram account.” —420OldFatLesbians


What’s the very best point about becoming social media influencers?

We have a lot of persons direct-message (DM) us to thank us for becoming who we are and say they had been capable to either come out or be proud of their physique, or that we inspired them to do a thing. And it is extremely humbling. It is just who we are. We in fact study all the comments and study all the DMs and answer all of these.

What’s the most significant challenge?

So lots of accounts, specifically in the cannabis field, get deleted. We had been going to do a promo for somebody who had spent six years creating their audience, and all of a sudden, overnight the entire point got deleted. We had been shadow-banned for a when in the starting, and we weren’t capable to upload any videos till [Instagram] figured out we grew organically and didn’t have a bot or something. If Instagram chose to delete us, would they be discriminating against us for our sexuality or age or weight? It is not just the cannabis.

420OldFatLesbians dab mat or mouse pad
420OldFatLesbians sell merch, like this dab mat / mouse pad, at sueandlee.bigcartel.com.

What do you know now that you want you’d identified then?

Lee: I want I knew that cannabis was okay, when I was a younger individual, and that it was great for anxiousness and discomfort relief.

Sue: She grew up a small bit differently than I did. I often given that higher college dabbled with it. But what I want I knew is that when points appear heartbreaking or devastating or traumatic, it is genuinely only a short moment in your life. Absolutely nothing lasts forever. You can get by means of it. Just preserve your head up.


12: years as soulmates

120-ish: their combined age

45-ish: combined years utilizing cannabis