WASHINGTON — Federal well being officials issued a national warning Thursday against marijuana use by adolescents and pregnant females, as extra states legalize the increasingly potent drug for medicinal and recreational use.

Wellness and Human Solutions Secretary Alex Azar and Surgeon Basic Jerome Adams created the announcement, with Azar calling marijuana “a hazardous drug.” Officials mentioned President Donald Trump has donated $100,000 — a single-quarter of his annual government salary — toward a digital campaign to raise awareness of the dangers. Trump has forgone his official salary given that taking workplace.

The warning comes as legal marijuana has grown into a $10-billion sector in the U.S. with almost two-thirds of states legalizing it, mostly for health-related makes use of. An growing quantity of states and localities are also enabling individual, recreational use.

Countering the opioid epidemic is a prime situation for the White Home, but marijuana had not gotten such higher-level consideration.

Adams mentioned science shows that marijuana is dangerous to the building brains of teenagers and to the human fetus. The drug has also gotten stronger, with a 3-fold raise in the concentration of the active ingredient THC in cultivated plants more than the final 20 years.

“This ain’t your mother’s marijuana,” Adams mentioned.

Though lots of states have changed their marijuana laws, federal law nonetheless treats it as a controlled substance akin to opioids.

Federal officials say they worry the trend toward legalization may well make it extra enticing for teenagers to attempt marijuana. It is a usually utilised drug amongst youths, they mentioned, along with alcohol and e-cigarettes. No states let legal marijuana use by teens.

Adams mentioned that for teens it carries a threat of affecting brain improvement, which continues in the 20s. Frequent marijuana use by teenagers is related with alterations in components of the brain that are involved with consideration, memory, choice-producing and motivation.

Amongst pregnant females, marijuana is the most usually utilised illicit drug, with about 7% reporting they had utilised it inside the previous month in a 2017 study. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics advise females not to use marijuana for the duration of pregnancy, and to discontinue the drug if they discover out they are pregnant.

HHS Assistant Secretary for Wellness Brett Giroir mentioned pregnant females taking marijuana to relieve morning sickness must quit. “If you have morning sickness, speak to your doctor,” he mentioned.