The emerging legal cannabis market is facing a big sustainability dilemma involving cannabis packaging. Packaging needs in legal cannabis markets such as Canada are substantial, and according to a lot of sustainability advocates, the needs are as well intense.

Any one who has bought legal cannabis knows that the quantity of packaging necessary adds up quite speedily. Plastic bags, plastic containers, and other packaging are piling up across Canada.

As additional individuals get started creating their purchases from the regulated market alternatively of unregulated sources the cannabis packaging situation is going to continue to enhance alongside the enhance in demand.

In an try to support mitigate the situation, licensed producer Canopy Development Corp.’s Tweed brand partnered with TerraCycle (a waste management enterprise) to make and implement a nation-wide cannabis packaging recycling plan. However, the plan ran into a roadblock in British Columbia. Per Prince George Matters:

Federal law says all cannabis solutions should be sealed, place in childproof containers and have an excise stamp placed on them by licensed producers just before they are sold.

The B.C. government then created it illegal for retailers to have any cannabis solutions in their retailers if excise-stamp seals have been broken or if the packages have been opened.

The intent was to preserve illicit cannabis from becoming sold at the retailers.

One particular B.C. retailer was particularly told that they couldn’t have a recycling bin inside of their retailer for the reason that inspectors deemed any recycled containers to be open-containers and consequently not permitted inside the dispensary, even as component of a recycling plan.

Luckily, right after the retailer owner complained to the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch regulators sent a communication to the owner saying that the choice had been created to enable bins for recycling purposes.

It can be challenging to navigate all of the evolving federal guidelines and regulations in Canada’s legal cannabis market. Neighborhood guidelines and regulations make it even additional tough. Our upcoming occasion in Vancouver B.C. September 15-16 will unpack it all.

If you want to find out about the most current and beneficial info with regards to Vancouver’s and British Columbia’s cannabis guidelines and regulations you will undoubtedly want to verify out our panel committed to the subject.

Panelists will incorporate John Conroy (Conroy & Firm), Andrew Gordon (Strategic Partnerships and Neighborhood), Dori Dempster (The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary), and Jamie Shaw (Pasha Brands). You can obtain out additional at https://internationalcbc.com/vancouver-schedule-2019/.

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